Saturday, October 24, 2015

Shut Up, K O’Donnells Explained

This is wild. A Breitbart Meetup turned into a special ops for the police departments of two Arizona cities. Make sure you watch the video; what a rowdy, dangerous bunch of extremists!

When I think of all the left wing, socialist, communist, social justice, global warming idiocy we've all been forced to endure in classrooms, restaurants, meetings, bars, etc,, this little meetup seems rather tame. I love the attendees for their sense of humor; it IS pretty ridiculous. I hope the two police departments bill the manager of K O'Donnells for the cost of the chopper. Heh.


  1. "A couple of people complained?" Sounds to me like the management of K O'Donnells was looking to destroy their business, because engaging in this sort of idiocy will certainly make a big dent in their bottom line.

  2. Well I hope the people in the area now know where not to go. May the place go bust in short order.

  3. 150 people were there, meeting happily and peacefully, ORDERING FOOD & DRINKS, but the management shut them down because of a couple complaints?

    You know it's bad when a liberal (Kirsten Powers) has to write a book about the left shutting down free speech. This is just the latest example.

    I hope all reasonable people refuse to patronize the place.

    1. Freedom of speech for me but not for thee,

  4. Scotsdale is an affluent community. Think "donor class".

    It's trendy and lucrative to be fascist these days.