Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Freidman

As an epilogue here is one more short video I came after scheduling the others. This one sums up Freidman's views succinctly.


  1. Clearheaded, concise, common sense. He shoots arrows through the points made by his opponents with out malice or denouncement.

    Too bad he wasn't cloned.

  2. He certainly had no problem answering Phil's melodramatic questions.

    I have sure enjoyed this series, Matt, TY. His knowledge on the subject is amazing but it's his style and ability to make us average folks understand what he's talking about that make me such a fan. I sure wish we had him with us now. Ditto MLK, for cultural reasons.

  3. There are other videos from his TV series, but I don't think they would quite fit the format of a blog. I wish there were more videos like the ones I have posted. As Fay put is, he was clearheaded, concise, and showed common sense. We sure could use more of that today.