Sunday, August 10, 2014

The pipes, the pipes are calling...

Mark Steyn, no additional commentary needed.


  1. Fay - excellent post, I saw this article this weekend too.

    Exactly the kind of story which makes it hard to tell satire from reality.

  2. Oh my God. You've got to be kidding me. But no, it's all true.

    Change is coming...

    (Fay, I have to say when I first glanced at the post I thought I was going to hear some bagpipe music - which I love).

  3. I'm sorry to cuss, but for fuck's sake.

    Why is there NO OPPOSITION party in the United States? Can you imagine what a real opposition party could do with stories like this?

  4. Because any opposition is racist. Playing vintage bagpipes is part of the war on women. Driving an old car is homophobic.

    Off to the re-education camps with all of you.

  5. This is crazy, in a sea of craziness. I don't know why there is no opposition party Jourdan; I think they're afraid. Or greedy. Or both. How long before voices in the wilderness like Ted Cruz are silenced forcibly and permanently? It's a short step from where we are now. No bagpipes, no vintage cars, no upstart conservative rabblerousers.