Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paging Mr. Vikram....

I thought of of a neato thing we could maybe do (if you can work out HOW, that is). Not something that LOOKS neato, because you can't actually SEE it, but you know when we click on links here and wind up leaving this blog?
Is there a way to automatically open the links in a new page? I know we can just right click and do the "open in new tab" thingy, but sometimes I forget :OP

UPDATE: Vikram here:

Here's how to (manually) create a link which will open in a new window - most of this you all know, so I'll highlight the key part in bold:

<a href="url" target="_blank">link text</a>

Note the underscore before "blank".

You can use the 'target="_blank"' attribute in links in the main posts using the "Edit HTML" tab.

Here's a link to our blog in a new window.

Sadly blogger does not allow this attribute in comments. I think I can hack it in with javascript like I did with the pictures, if we want this to be the way all links from comments open. Also, perhaps I can hack the script for the "link" button in the main post editing tabs; that's a bit more advanced... I'll look to it... after I finish my taxes... ;)


  1. Thank you, lewy darling!

    "I'll look to it... after I finish my taxes... ;)"

    You pay taxes? :D

    We should dub taxpayers the "53ers", as in "the 53% of Americans who actually pay taxes". You know, kinda like the "49ers" of the 1849 goldrush days.

    Proposed bumper sticker: "Proud Mom of a 53er!" Heh!

  2. TY lewy!
    And will you be attending une Partie de Thé on National Wealth Redistribution Day? I think I will. There's always a pretty big one nearby with several thousand folks showing up each time. Oh, that is to say, according to network news: about 17 racists gather to throw rocks at passing black people.

    p.s. I actually tried to post this in the Seeeeeekrit Codeeeeez section, but it just stuck right on the front page. So sorry y'all!

  3. MW, we'll be attending our local Partie de Thé on National Wealth Redistribution Day.

    I've been busy misspelling words on placards, and thinking up racist slogans. Oh, and I bought some white powder for my face, and a blonde wig, so I look like the rest of the crowd.

    I've been practicing spitting on people, too. I even bought a new Confederate flag for the bumper of my truck!

    It should be a grand old time.

    /need I?

    There were about 1500 people at the last one, which is a good turnout for such a rural area.

  4. Misspelled signs! What a grate idiya! :OD

    I think I'm gonna bring a real rattlesnake, and go around telling Democrats to tread on it :OP

  5. Reference "53%'ers"...that's too close...once the tipping point of 50% is breeched, game over.

    And how many people do you know who "think" they pay no taxes because they always get a little refund or owe nothing 15 April annually? I'd guess it is over 3%. Scary, yes.