Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It seems to me I've heard that song before.

When I was in college, I had an English instructor who really enjoyed the subject. His bachelor’s degree was in Marine Biology, but he happened to do some work in a lab with a man to whom the subject was a hobby – a passion. That man was named John Steinbeck.

With an inspiration as Steinbeck, my instructor’s interests turned from Marine Biology to English. He wrote a number of books including a biography of Peter Mark Roget – father of the thesaurus.

One day in class my instructor brought up the subject of plagiarism. He was renown enough to be asked to review manuscripts of textbooks for English education. One such book had a poem, supposedly written by a student of the author of the book. My instructor recognized it – he had read that poem in a publication that had, as I recall, a nationwide readership of perhaps fifty people. One of those people happened to be my instructor. That was enough to stop the textbook writing career of that author dead in its tracks. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Video Non Veritas

With all of the frivolity of the past couple of weeks, I thought I would get serious for a moment.

Sometimes I get lost grooving to tunes on YouTube. I get a chuckle looking at some of the old videos. Did they really think they were fooling anybody, or were they done as a joke?

Gratuitous Sax
The Knickerbockers were a group from New Jersey that had one major hit record. That record, Lies, won them the award for “Best Beatle Knockoff of 1966.”

Never mind that there are at least two electric guitars in the recording. I think you might even hear an acoustic guitar as well when you listen to a clean copy. One thing I don’t hear is a saxaphone.

What’s Is That Man Doing Here?
Booker T and the MG’s was a big group out of Memphis in the 1960’s The original members were organist Booker T. Jones, guitarist Steve Cropper, bass player Lewie Steinberg (later replaced by Duck Dunn), and drummer Al Jackson Jr. As far as I know they never had a sax player, and I don’t recall ever hearing one on any of their records. So who is that guy? -- not that he does anything but clap.

Piano, What Piano?
The ferry cross the Mersey carried Gerry and the Pacemakers on the wave of the British invasion. This video has the old bugaboo of using electric guitars in the video when the recording clearly has acoustic.  Also, Gerry Marsden is playing the only 6 string, the other guy is playing base. Notice one of the band members is playing a piano. (In the film Ferry Across the Mersey which uses the same recording he is playing a grand piano). Even on a clean recording of the song (which is the same recording as used here) there is no piano to be heard. Another guitar, yes, but piano? – no.

I am sure there are many more out there. So go listen to some old tunes and get a laugh at the same time.

Now The Real Work Begins

I thought this speech by Junior was outstanding in content and in delivery. I know that not everyone likes DJT, but now that he is officially our candidate, will you vote for him?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Peddling Truthiness

When it comes to dishonest reporting, this article takes the cake. 
SEYMOUR, Mo. - A local police chief has become one of the nation's experts on the ideology that drove Gavin Long to kill three police officers in Baton Rouge, La.  

Long claimed to be a member of the "Washitaw Nation of Mu'urs," a group which believes it is native to North America and above any U.S. law.  It is a so-called “sovereign citizen” group.

Bob Paudert is currently serving as the interim police chief in Seymour, Missouri after a more than 40-year law enforcement career in the Memphis area.

He travels around the country to teach law enforcement officers about what sovereign citizens believe, and what to be aware of if they encounter one.

In May 2010, Paudert was the police chief of West Memphis, Arkansas, when two sovereign citizens gunned down two of his officers during a traffic stop. One of those officers was his son.

"To be shot by a 16-year-old kid with an AK-47 on interstate 40, by a group we've never heard of, was just unbelievable," Paudert said.

In 2010, local law enforcement and the FBI knew little about sovreign citizens. Since Paudert's son died, he has made it his mission to identify the behaviors of people who believe the government is illegitimate and they do not have to follow any laws.

"Everything they stand for is a contradiction,” Paudert said. “They don't believe in our court system but they'll use it to sue law enforcement. They say they're Christians, and they're not -- they're just absolutely not."
Here's the real scoop about this deranged terrorist and his wacky group:
Gavin Eugene Long, who police have identified as the shooter who killed three police officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday (July 17), changed his name in May 2015 and declared himself a part of the Washitaw Nation. Members of an affiliated sovereign group, who consider themselves independent from the United States and dismiss government authority, made their presence known in New Orleans earlier this year. 
Court documents in Kansas City show Long, who changed his name to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra, claimed his nationality as United Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu'ur. The Washitaw, sometimes spelled Washitah, believe their ancestors were original inhabitants of the New World, who they say were black Africans.
They trace their lineage back to the ancient Mississippian culture that lived along the river and Gulf Coast. The Washitaw Nation says their claims to the Louisiana Purchase were not recognized when Napoleon sold the large swath of North America to the United States in 1803. The federal government does not recognize their existence, and court rulings have followed suit. 
The Washitaw also identify as Mu'urs, which they say is the accurate spelling of Moors, the civilization that developed after the Arab conquest of North Africa. Their movement organized in the mid-1990s in north Louisiana. Their leader, Verdiacee Turner Goston, espoused an Afro-centric take on anthropology and history, said Mark Pitcavage, a researcher with the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism, which tracks the sovereign citizen movement. 
According to a report from the Kansas City Star, Long was involved with the Nation of Islam before joining Washitaw Nation. He viewed police as part of the government and was infuriated over recent police shootings of black men, most recently the deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castille in Minnesota. 


A Medical Mystery

A Zika case in Utah has epidemiologists scrambling for answers:
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A person who cared for a Zika-infected relative in Utah also got the virus, but exactly how it was transmitted is a medical mystery, health officials announced Monday.
The tropical mosquito that mainly spreads Zika isn't found in the high-altitude area with cold winters where the two lived, Salt Lake County Health Department officials said. They didn't have sexual contact, which is how the virus is typically spread between adults when there's no mosquito bite or mother-to-child transmission.
"The new case in Utah is a surprise, showing that we still have more to learn about Zika," Centers for Disease Control and Prevention medical epidemiologist Dr. Erin Staples said.
The caregiver has fully recovered, but authorities did not give further details. The person cared for an elderly man who contracted the disease overseas where mosquitoes are known to spread Zika and who became the first Zika-infected person to die in the continental U.S.
The caregiver did not travel to an affected area, but it's possible that a mosquito came back with the relative, perhaps in a suitcase, CDC Director Tom Frieden said.
The man who died in late June had an unusually high level of the virus in his blood, more than 100,000 times higher than other samples of infected people. Health workers are testing others who had contact with him, and officials are trapping mosquitoes in Utah to test them.
The new case was discovered after a doctor noticed the caregiver's Zika-like symptoms, which include rash, fever and pink eye, officials said. The relative had cared for the elderly man both at home and in the hospital.
It was unclear exactly how the older man died because of his age and another health condition he suffered, according to the CDC. The agency did not immediately revise its advice to health care workers or caregivers after the new case emerged.
"Based on what we know so far about this case, there is no evidence that there is any risk of Zika virus transmission among the general public in Utah," said Dr. Angela Dunn, deputy state epidemiologist at the Utah Department of Health.
This will be a fascinating case study. In the meantime, should caregivers and medical personnel gown & glove when treating patients infected with Zika? It might be a prudent precaution. since the virus is found in blood, urine, and saliva.

Additionally, I'm wondering if a Utah skeeter could have transmitted the virus from the old man to his relative. Could the virus live long enough in the host non-tropical mosquito for that to happen? Stay tuned!

Worried? Who, me? Pfft!

Monday, July 18, 2016

To Soothe The Weary Soul

These guys are really good. I love the choked me up.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Torches and Pitchforks in Wisconsin?

It appears that Paul Ryan may be in trouble. From Breitbart:
Following a new primary election poll showing that House Speaker Paul  Ryan has plummeted to well below 50 percent in his home district,   Ryan is out with new mailers assuring Wisconsin voters of his desire to secure the border, and urging them to support him in his contentious August 9th primary election. 
The new mailers touting Ryan’s support for border security is interesting given that just last year, Ryan championed a spending bill that fully funded President Obama’s open borders agenda– including funding sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, and the release of criminal aliens. The mailers also come amid new reports indicating that, one month after his election, Ryan plans to bring up “criminal sentencing” measures that could release thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison onto the streets.
“The only thing more disturbing than Paul Ryan’s refusal to secure the border is the extent to which he is comfortable lying about it,” Nehlen said.
“As long as Paul Ryan is in Congress, immigration will never be reduced, the border will never be secured, radical Islam will never be kept off our shores, and our children will never be safe,” Nehlen continued. “He is wholly owned by his donors, and his donors want open borders. When was the last time Ryan ever fought hard for something that his donors opposed? If Ryan remains, we can kiss our borders, our safety, and our sovereignty goodbye.” 
I admit that Ryan has been a huge disappointment to me.  Power and money are always seductive. Ryan didn't have the moral fiber to resist their siren song, and now Wisconsin voters will determine his fate.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Terror In France

Islam's war against civilization continues; this time it nearly killed our friend Alison and her son.  She shared this on FB a few minutes ago:
"The scene outside our front fucking door last night. The golden lit up building in the centre where the truck is finally stopped, riddled with bullets is the front of our block. The front is a hotel and at the back its apartments facing north. It's our home. Go ahead and tell me that this is work place violence, a lone wolf attack or an issue with gun legislation. Just go the fuck ahead."

Earlier in the evening she had posted this:
"We are safe. All the images you see are right where we live. The underpass is on the corner of our street. We live behind the Promenade facing the hills but the building is on the Promenade. We were being buzzed and didn't let people in because we had no idea what had happened. I was planning to take Joseph to the fireworks but it wound up too late and I didn't feel like going. The fireworks display is a huge display every year. The whole city is patrolled daily by armed soldiers. How this happened is incredible. It's surreal seeing your building on the news. This was a family event. Sick sick sick."

Breitbart is once again leading the way with great coverage.
At least 80 people have died and dozens injured during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France after a truck ran into a large crowd. Police have announced they are treating the incident as “an attack.”

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How the UK suddenly got a new Prime Minister - explained for Americans

To give you a lift from the doom and gloom that is encompassing the United States in recent weeks, here is one of the funniest (and in actual fact pretty accurate) descriptions of how the UK suddenly ended up with a new Prime Minister without trying very hard at all.

It basically boils down to a bloke called Graham. And nary a cup of tea in sight until Mrs. May met the Queen. And even then I'm not quite sure... 


Hi America! So you might have heard that today the UK gets a new prime minister. This has happened much quicker than we expected and has taken lots of people by surprise.
 You know how your presidential elections take about three years? This is not like that.
Maybe you’re thinking, Oh, that’s probably because the British sorted it out without any fuss in their quaint, traditional ways. There was probably tea involved. Haha NOPE.
 No tea has played a significant role…yet.

As we explained recently, ever since we voted to leave the EU, everything about our country has become ridiculous and confusing.

So here’s what happened: David Cameron was our prime minister. He’s from the ruling right-wing Conservative party, aka the Tories – think the Republicans, except they all went to Oxford University and like posh things, like drinking port and having money.

He called a referendum on whether we should be in the EU, just to try to calm down the Europe-hating right wing of his party, but he then proceeded to lose it, plunging the country into economic and constitutional turmoil. So he resigned.

NOW HOLD UP, YANKEE FRIENDS. When our prime minister resigns, it’s not like a president resigning! We don’t directly elect our prime minister – instead, we elect members of parliament (MPs), and whoever can ~command a majority~ of MPs gets to be PM. Which basically means it’s the leader of the largest party.
As result, the country doesn’t get to elect a new prime minister when the old one goes, and we don’t have a vice president who can step in right away and Biden things up a bit. Instead, it’s up to the ruling party to pick a new leader. In this case, that’s the Conservatives.
(Don’t worry, guys, this seems weird but it’s happened loads of times before.)

So far so good... Go and read the rest!

But wait! There's more, further down :-D

And then at 12.15pm, Andrea Leadsom announced that she…was dropping out of the race.
This confused the hell out of everybody, because the Conservative party rules weren’t entirely clear on what happens when a candidate drops out at this stage. Does one of the defeated candidates come in to replace them? Do they have to start the whole process again?

So what actually happened was that in the end, the decision about who’d be our next prime minister basically came down to this man, who is called Graham Brady and is the chair of something called the 1922 Committee.
The 1922 Committee may sound like it’s some kind of league of supervillains, but it’s actually an organisation of Conservative MPs! So it actually is kind of like a league of supervillains, amirite?! LOL jokes.

At 12.30pm, dear old Graham came out and told the press that the Conservative members didn’t need to have an election after all, because Theresa May was the only one left. And that’s how Britain found out it had a new prime minister: with a man called Graham awkwardly explaining rules to some people kneeling on the ground.

So yeah: around 90 minutes after launching her campaign to be prime minister, Theresa May was announced as the next prime minister, making it possibly the shortest and most successful political campaign in history.

There's lots of stuff at this point about Brexit. But back to the PM...
Anyway, this all happened on Monday. Unlike in the US, where you get a nice leisurely three-month changeover period, the removal van turned up at Downing Street the next day to cart all of David Cameron’s shit away.
But hold up! Theresa May doesn’t officially become prime minister until today. If we knew she was the last candidate standing on Monday, why didn’t she just become PM right away?
Well, because in order to become prime minister, there’s one thing that needs to happen. GUESS WHAT IT IS? Yes, that’s right, they need to go have tea with the Queen! Because this is Britain.
And they couldn’t do that on Monday, because the Queen wasn’t in London. Lol we’re not even kidding.
All this political drama would make you thirsty for a nice cup of tea though, wouldn’t it? Finally, tea is involved in this story.

I knew you'd love this story.

And for dessert, please welcome Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. The luvvies are aghast at this inappropriate appointment. After all he insulted Barack Obama in a newspaper column, calling him "incoherent, inconsistent and downright hypocritical...a part-Kenyan President.", compared Hillary Clinton to a "sadistic nurse in a mental institution" and wrote a very rude limerick about Turkish President Erdogan.  And he's very pro-Israel. Who better to fill this important post?

I'm having a field day reading Twitter responses to Boris's appointment. They are a treat to behold. Here are a few:

For the first time in a long time I'm looking forward to following British politics. Looks like it's going to be a wild (and fun!) ride.