Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Halloween!

The Scariest Halloween Costume Is A Cockroach That Performs Root Canals
(Of course, I thought of Fay, just having gone through the dreaded root canal. You have my sympathies...this article should cheer you up.)

If you really want to scare someone this Halloween, you should think about dressing up as a microphone — 21 percent of Americans say they are afraid of “public speaking/performance.” Alternatively, you could just spend Friday evening forcing fellow partygoers to engage in conversation, since 13 percent fear talking with strangers, according to a survey of 9,282 adults cited in a 2008 study.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Latest Poison from Obama Administration

Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower, the Atlantic quoted unnamed senior administration officials trash-talking Bibi Netanyahu.
This level of sordid behavior makes the hi-jinx going on during the Clinton-GWB transition look like harmless pranks. I'm so ashamed of my so-called government. I shudder to think a republican would do this. Obama needs to apologize for these outrageous and sophomoric remarks and fire the people responsible. But there will not even be an investigation, according to erudite State Department spokeswoman, Jenn Psaki. Here is her response when asked about same:"There are anonymous sources in all of your stories every single day. If we spent all of our time focused on that effort, we wouldn’t be working on diplomacy,”.
Rabbi Marvin Hier, the founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, has called on President Obama to "name, apologize for, and repudiate" the anonymous official quoted in an Atlantic Magazine article describing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "chickenshit," The Algemeiner reports. In a telephone call with The Algemeiner from his Los Angeles office, an incensed Rabbi Hier declared: "It is rather ironic that a senior American official is prepared to curse his friends, yet when it comes to the mortal enemies of the United States -- as the Iranians discovered during the recent nuclear negotiation -- praise is heaped on them."

Link here.
I'm now convinced that Joe Biden would have been a better president. At least he wanted to send all the terrorists to hell.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Interesting Times

Here is an interesting article by William Galston, published at Politico. A taste:

"Bill Clinton, in whose administration I served as a domestic policy adviser, spoke often of an economy that rewards Americans “who work hard and play by the rules.” Today, these Americans still work hard, but they no longer know what the rules are, and they are no longer seeing the rewards as readily. They want, but are not getting, a credible success story for the American economy in the 21st century. That is one reason why the sense of loss of control is so pervasive." 

I think that Galston captures the mood of working voters. There is a sense that Americans who refuse to work are benefiting more from the economy than those who bust their derrier. Families who don't work have their housing, food, medical care, utilities, and children's college education paid for by those who cannot afford to send their kids to college. Where is the reward in that?

I've personally seen people drop out of the work force because their employers no longer offer health insurance because they have received an "exemption". For individuals and families, the Obamacare premiums are too steep if the breadwinner has a decent job; these folks don't qualify for the subsidies. People who have manageable health conditions who could continue to work for years to come are forced onto the disability/medicaid rolls because it's the only way they can obtain the medications they require. Of course, you won't be reading about these families in the NY Times or watching their hard-luck stories on the ABC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

There is also a sense that government institutions have grown too big and corrupt. This tax season, the IRS will be confiscating the refunds (the actually overpayments of working Americans, not the income redistribution that is known in lower income/no income circles as a "tax refund") of Americans who cannot afford to pay the ACA premiums (of which a large chunk is a donation rather than an actual premium). This will not go over well. At all. 

NASA, the agency that inspired kids to dream BIG in our youth, is now a joke. The CDC, once the elite organization of health care and epidemiology, has been caught like a deer in the headlights by this Ebola business. The head of this once revered agency has no clothes. Have you seen the newest guidelines to stem the spread of this horrible hemorrhagic nightmare? Here, take a look:
The CDC released new Ebola guidelines on Monday for monitoring travelers, including healthcare workers, coming to the U.S. from West Africa.
For asymptomatic travelers at the highest level of risk (e.g., received a needle stick when caring for an Ebola patient, or cared for a patient without wearing protective equipment), the CDC is recommending voluntary at-home isolation and direct active monitoring for fever and symptoms for 21 days. Those with some risk (e.g., a returning healthcare worker) are advised to undergo daily active monitoring and, depending on the local health department, could also be restricted from boarding airplanes or public transportation or going to work, similar to the high-risk group.
Several medical groups, including the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America and the Infectious Diseases Society of America, have denounced some states requiring that all healthcare workers returning from Ebola-stricken countries undergo a mandatory 21-day quarantine.
Editorialists in the New England Journal of Medicine write: "We should be honoring, not quarantining, health care workers who put their lives at risk not only to save people suffering from Ebola virus disease in West Africa but also to help achieve source control, bringing the world closer to stopping the spread of this killer epidemic."
Does that give you confidence? Especially after the New York doctor who chose to transverse a city of 20 million people via the subway, after only being home from West Africa for a few days? Or the nurse (cringe) who has thrown a conniption fit because she was forcibly quarantined for day or two, threatening to sue because her civil rights were violated? Do these examples give you the warm, fuzzy feel of certainty that your health care professionals are placing the public health as a first priority over their own comfort?

There is also a sense that our elections are not free and fair, and that shenanigans are commonplace. We've all seen the photos of NBP goons hijacking a polling place, read the stories of voting machines that register straight-ticket democrat regardless of who the voter actually selects, heard the whispers of illegals (and dead people) voting in many jurisdictions. What's the truth? The media isn't trying to find out, that's for sure. If the Rs don't take the senate next week, as every poll says they will, how will conservative voters react? 

May we live in interesting times.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What else can I say?

This cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon is from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. It will go down as one of the classics of editorial cartooning.

Standing O for Kevin Vickers

Well, I still can't watch the American fans singing the Canadian national anthem but I did see this video today and it brought tears to my eyes. Here's a link to the Daily Mail article.

Hell Yeah!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Terrorism In Canada

Two Canadian soldiers murdered on Canadian soil by Islamic terrorists in the last three days.

On Monday 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was run down and later died of his injuries. The savage that killed him was, thankfully, shot and killed by police. RIP Patrice Vincent and thank you for your service.

Today, 24 year old Cpl Nathan Cirillo was shot to death while guarding our National War Memorial in Ottawa. The savage that killed him was, thankfully, shot and killed by Kevin Vickers, the sergeant-at-arms for the House of Commons and 29-year RCMP veteran. RIP Nathan Cirillo and thank you for your service.

PM Harper addressed the nation tonight and did something that no media outlet has the balls to do; he called the perpetrators "terrorists". Thank you Mr. Harper.  I get the distinct impression that "workplace violence" will have no truck with our PM.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blame Matt - he dared me..

So when I told my lovely wife I was posting this one under the heading CrapMusic®, she said but that's a great song! It's a love song! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Since we're on a Musical Roll here...

... and lewy brought up the Beach Boys: here is an interesting tidbit.

One of my favourite (Im in Canada, eh?) Beach Boys songs is this one:

That was recorded on, IIRC, April 30, 1965. Much has been made of Brian Wilson's inspiration from a certain group from the UK. Was there any particular inspiration for that song? Maybe a song that was riding high on the charts that month?