Monday, October 9, 2017

The Life of a Song

In August, 1985, the worst single-plane air disaster in history occurred when a Japan Air Lines 747 crashed after the failure of an improperly performed repair caused the tail section to break away from the plane in flight. The jet continued to fly about half an hour before it crashed, killing 520 of the 524 people on board. No one died until the plane crashed, so everyone on board knew what fate had in store for them.

Several people wrote notes of farewell to their loved ones. One man wrote a loving note to his wife and put it in his jacket pocket. That man was a beloved Japanese singer, best known for the song “Ue o Muite Arukō,” released on the Japanese label Toshiba in 1961. The song took a rather unusual journey after its release.

Friday, September 29, 2017

This Ain't Jeopardy, Alex

I'm a long time fan of quiz shows.  Jeopardy has been a favourite since my residency in NA although I mourn its obvious dumbing down.  The longest running (I think) quiz show in the UK is called University Challenge.  I was never able to answer a single question when I lived in the U.K.

I will now post an answer from University Challenge:

pi squared over 6

What is the question?

Sadly, I think they are also dumbing down UC as I was able to answer a whole two questions from this episode:

Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm tired

I must admit that I do not follow opposing views very closely. By that I mean that I do not go looking for them; they find me. Today I saw the latest issue of Newsweek. On the cover was a picture of President Trump with a helmet that had four stars on it. The headline: "Can Trump's generals save America, and the world, from Trump?"

Let's see now. Trump is having to deal with North Korea, to whom Bill Clinton gave nuclear weapons on a silver platter and is now threatening to blow up the world. Not far behind North Korea is Iran, to whom Obama gave nuclear weapons on a silver platter and is threatening to blow up Israel and whatever part of the rest of the world not blown up by North Korea.

But President Trump is the problem. As Maxine Waters said, "I'm afraid Trump will lead us into war if North Korea nukes us."

I saw a post of Facebook from a Seattle news station about the person shot, once, and killed in Georgia by a campus police officer. The headline included that the person shot did not use traditional pronouns such as "he" and "she," but rather "they," I guess because that is inclusive. One of the commenters said that society would be better off without police officers because all they do is go around shooting innocent people.

People whose entire lives have pretty much been lived in "safe spaces" are clamoring to to have safe spaces. You know, because the police who would save their sorry rear ends from violent thugs sometimes have to use violence to save their sorry rear ends from violent thugs.

The left had better hope that some modicum of civility remains. If it does not, if things go to hell in a hand basket, then the left will have to go up against people who did not get participation trophies, people who actually had to work for a living and face hardships face-on.

When that happens the left won't know what to do.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Stray Thoughts

I read everything, from Slate to Vox Popoli. Well, perhaps not EVERYTHING; Kos and Stormer are too much for my sensibilities, and I hear through the grapevine that the Stormer losers have been deplatformed (for the record I'm a free speech defender and I don't think "hate" sites should be shut down. How are we supposed to know who the bad guys and the idiots are if they're not allowed to blather?)

The Alt-Right brigade have jumped the shark with all their nationalistic posturing. Da Joos, da Catholics, people of Irish, German, French, etc stock are not "true" Americans according to their ringleaders. Bah. That line of reasoning excludes almost everyone, because many patriotic Americans truly are mongrels. There is no room in their America for me and my family, or my friends and their families. Good luck with that.

The Left have jumped their own shark with their hatred and ridicule of everyone with white skin (among other things). No, you can't have any more of my money. And if you're against "cultural appropriation" give me your car and your pants. Those things were invented by whitey.

More and more I find my views are best expressed by Ben Shapiro. I don't agree with him all of the time, but at least we're in the same ballpark on most things. He did a good job at Berkeley. Milo is doing a good job too. 

Washington is a cartoon, and who knows what the truth is in the headlines. I do know one thing: Trump had better build the wall, or at least make a show out of trying to build the wall. His constituents will turn on him like rabid wolves if he doesn't. Tackling DACA before giving tax cuts to working stiffs is a strategic error on his part, IMHO.

Have we reached the point where we are ungovernable? Maybe. All the grief that the left is hurling at Trump will be returned a hundred-fold if the left succeeds in installing their candidate in 2020. That person will be torn limb from limb, regardless of race or gender, because people have had ENOUGH. 

One thing seems clear to me: the "media", better described as the propaganda wing of the uniparty, will need to be obliterated before we can turn things around. We have a steep hill to climb. FB, Twitter, and other social sites have banned much conservative commentary. None of the right wing sites I'd "liked" on FB a few years ago show up on my page now. None.

I talked to a college-educated white guy the other day who vehemently believes that Trump is cutting all Medicaid care for sick kids who aren't white. I'm not kidding. Progressivism has become a sick, twisted religion rather than a political flavor. The mob wants to jail climate change deniers. Next thing we know they'll be putting people on the rack or burning them at the stake.

Hey, I warned you that these are stray thoughts! 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fast Forward: What Will Become of Us?

Forget the shit show that is our present.

This is a scene from the shit show that is our future. 

Give me ten minutes, because the Table brings a particularly poignant political sensibility to the backstory. It will be instantly familiar; no explanation is necessary at all.

It's three hundred years from now. A hundred and fifty years ago, a Martian dude named Epstein invented a drive that let humanity colonize the outer system.

And Humanity, bless us, is exactly the same shit show it ever was, except we've spread out to about Saturn.

The U.N. runs Mother Earth. (Duh).

And the U.N. is sending its most ruthless insider, Chrisjen Avasarala, to discover the motives of a terrorist fugitive: James Holden.

We zoom in on Chrisjen approaching the separatist compound of the one person who can explain James: his mother, Alice Holden – a distant grand-niece of Lady Red!!!

[Yeah. I made that part up. But just give me ten minutes and tell me if this doesn't work.]

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Press Finally Gets It

Of course, it is the Canada Free Press, not any in the US, who still nearly all support the violent revolutionaries of Antifa, BLM, etc.

Antifa Demands Destruction Of The USA

And my co-workers still do not know this. One of them actually asked me yesterday "Who is this antifa?" I think my semi-ranting response surprised him a little bit.

Monday, August 28, 2017

I Really Do Not Want To Be Racist...

But given the results of this study, and essentially all the studies they drew from, I am having a very hard time with it.

Now, of course we all know people who deviate greatly from these findings, and that shows the power of individuality.

Still, it explains so much that we've all seen, and probably turned our faces from in fear of developing the feelings that I am, now, trying desperately to overcome.


Pigmentation and its effect on behavior

Saturday, August 19, 2017

And just when you thought... couldn't get anymore ridiculous.  Ladies and Gentlemen:

The solar eclipse on Monday is RACIST

H/T David Thompson