Saturday, January 24, 2015

Classless or Clueless?

Auschwitz missed.

Not my President, not my country.  But I'm still disgusted that the supposed leader of the "free" world behaves in such a callous manner.

How, in all the history of the last 100 years, can he NOT BE THERE?

I am truly sad.  Sad that a modern President raised in the USA has no knowledge of the evil that men do. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

More Mideast Crises

Yemen falls into Iran’s orbit as region caught asleep at the wheel

Iranian-backed Shi’ite Houthi rebels are on the verge of a coup in Yemen as Sunni rivals within the country and regionally seem helpless to stop them.

Sunni countries in the region are distracted by more pressing instability at home and of the threat from Islamic State and other radical groups. The West, focused on Islamic State and its coordinated action in Syria and Iraq, sees Yemen as a side show.

“GCC [the Gulf Cooperation Council] must intervene now to save Yemen,” the UAE-based Gulf News headlined its editorial on Tuesday, in a sign of the shock of Yemen’s Sunni Gulf neighbors.

“Al Houthis already control 14 provinces out of 21,” the paper noted, adding that “the GCC cannot watch idly while the Iran-allied Al Houthis terrorize a neighboring country and flex their muscles in a region already riddled with conflicts.”

If the Houthis are able to solidify control over the Arabian Peninsula’s southernmost country, which abuts the Red Sea, whence ships travel to and from Eilat, Aqaba and the Suez Canal, they could endanger Israel’s and other countries’ sea traffic
On display across Sanaa, the group’s slogan “Death to America, Death to Israel” is modeled on revolutionary Iran’s motto, and many Yemenis draw parallels between the Houthis and another of Iran’s Shi’ite protégés – Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Read it all here.

Remember it was just 4 short months ago that Obama was touting Yemen as one of his "success stories" in dealing with terrorism. The unsettling comments today from the state department spokesperson in response to this latest ME crisis leave me wondering if ANYONE is in charge.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Images from the past

An amazing project of which I did not know of before.

Having had my own darkroom, I am amazed at the idea of developing old film. My experience with Kodak products is that if the expiry date was January 31, then the product was useless on February 1.

The Rescued Film Project works with film from any source. Many of the photos are not of great historical significance, but fascinating nonetheless.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

So Michelangelo I Ain't

For Lovely Florrie!

And my nephews Tom and James who also live in Washington and are football fanatics.

Go Seahawks!