Monday, August 24, 2015


Just posted this on FB.  Some things are ridiculous, unbelievable, incredulous, impossible to believe.  This beats them all:

Read it here.

Monday, August 17, 2015

First Day of School-3rd Grade

Where does the time go? She's decided that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Oh, and an engineer! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Erase the SPLC

The foot-stamping little trolls of the SPLC, a pillar of today's elite class, are championing a cultural pogrom against the eviiiiil racist haters raters hatists of the South. They, the elites who KNOW BETTAH, seek to choose our heroes, our holidays, the names of our schools, our monuments, our flags, and what is written on the gravestones of our ancestors.

Because all the lootin' pollutin' rooty-toot-tootin' gang bangin' cop shootin' riot burnin' stealin' rapin' rappin' crappin' uneducated unemployed anti-social money-suckin' dumb fuckin' black mobs are all our fault.

Morris Dees, bless his pea-pickin' little fascist heart...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Anne posted this heartbreaking and horrific story on Legal Insurrection.
11 year-old Ayala Shapira was travelling in the car with her father Avner late at night on her way home from a class for gifted children to their home in the settlement of Maale Shomron in Samaria. 
A firebomb thrown by two Palestinians hiding at the side of the road not only hit the car, but smashed through the window and landed directly on Ayala, causing her to catch fire. Her father stopped the car and Ayala had the presence of mind to throw herself on the ground and roll on the floor to put out the flames. They were in a deserted spot about a kilometer from their home and help was slow in coming so Avner picked Ayala up in his arms and carried her home to wait for the emergency services.
You may need a few tissues.

The Word Of The Week Is...

Cuckservative. From the pen of Charles C. Johnson (not the same guy as the pony-tailed freak show we all once knew):

“Cuckservative” isn’t about race but about how much power you allow the word “racist” to have over you. It’s about the fake, phony conservatives who enjoy watching the real fighters on the right get sodomized while they gleefully gawk. They crave respectability over power and the limelight over influence. Seldom paid for their performances on Fox News or MSNBC, they repeat conventional wisdom after getting gussied up—but you can’t polish a soul.
It's a good piece; angry, fed-up, and mad-as-hell. I don't claim to understand all the nuances of this tag but I do know an enormous fracture when I see one. The true conservatives are splitting from the talking-head/make-a-buck/progressive collaborator "conservatives", and they're not doing it quietly.

All I can say is: it's about damn time.

It's fascinating how the camps are lining up. I wonder if this schism will affect the presidential race? Many people who are disgusted with the whole process may now, for the first time really, have a voice that's as angry as they are. Then again, maybe not. The Tea Party got hijacked and compromised, lost its backbone, and caved. Time will tell I suppose.


Saturday, August 1, 2015


And the weather is sweltering.  Never known a summer to be so hot for so long.  Cool down with these fantastic versions of the classic Summertime.  Which one is your favourite?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Night at the WTFs...

This is Calcio Fiorentino - Florentine Soccer. (It's like MMA meets Rugby.)

Why? Why not? The cranky old farts might find this manly, the brilliant young ladies might find some of these guys kinda hot. Something for everyone!

Some thoughts (in no particular order).
  • Can I buy a pair of those awesome pro sport Renaissance breeches at Nike Town?
  • What did Hemingway think of this? On the plus side, fists. On the minus side, ball.
  • How do you know when a fight breaks out?
  • Is this cross training for the NHL? Should it be?
  • Where is the women's league? Don't they have Title 9 in Italy? No?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Magnificent Maggie

"The lady's not for turning."

Thatcher two years before she became Prime Minister.  Passionate and erudite. As hard as they try, she will not allow the members of the panel to put words
into her mouth or to mis-quote her.  Oh boy, she was brilliant.

For those who are curious, here is the history of the Grunwick dispute.

H/T David Thompson