Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Protection From The Zombie Apocalypse...Rippers

My favorite ammo store is getting some of these babies in stock next week. I'm thinking about buying a box for my S&W 380, and keeping one magazine loaded with these ugly looking brutes. Is this a good idea, or should I stick with 102 grain hollow points?

DWT and aridog (or anyone else), do you guys have an opinion on this? Have you experimented with these rounds?  My 380 is a secondary home defense weapon behind a shotgun. I hope like hell I never have to blast a zombie, but if I do I want the intruder to stay down.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Mystical Experience and a Sobering Reality

Last night I had an unusually vivid dream, the type that happen infrequently, that seem so real that the few times I've had them I've had to spend time in the morning re-adjusting to reality.  In this dream, I was divorced from my wife of 16 years and was responding to a British girl's question about what had gone wrong with my marriage.  While I was badly explaining the painful experience, Ambassador Robert Smith (not his real name), who in real life I had worked with in Europe, walked on a sidewalk behind the girl, across a street.

I awoke profoundly shaken and moved by this strikingly powerful dream.

Today, at around 11am, in the cafeteria of the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, two things of note happened:

1) My wife informed me of her intention to leave me, to return to California; and

2) Ambassador Robert Smith, currently posted in Europe, walked in the corridor behind her.

I'm not an especially mystical person, but this was unreal to the point where all I can say is that I somehow had a premonition.

I'll be okay. While her news was unexpected, we've had serious trouble when the children were babies and I think my time in Pakistan convinced her that it was time to be her own woman once again.  I'm profoundly sad, but am hopeful of the future.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Amen Break

H/T: Instapundit.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Naomi Gets Close

One of the features of the nationalist re-awakening occurring now in Europe is the prominence of women in leading roles.  Feminist activist and author Naomi Wolf has noticed this and has something to say about it.

Many lower-income women in Western Europe today – often single parents working pink-collar ghetto jobs that leave them exhausted and without realistic hope of advancement – can reasonably enough feel a sense of nostalgia for past values and certainties. For them, the idealized vision of an earlier age, one in which social roles were intact and women’s traditional contribution supposedly valued, can be highly compelling.

And, of course, parties that promote such a vision promise women – including those habituated to second-class status at work and the bulk of the labor at home – that they are not just faceless atoms in the postmodern mass. Rather, you, the lowly clerical worker, are a “true” Danish, Norwegian, or French woman. You are an heiress to a noble heritage, and thus not only better than the mass of immigrants, but also part of something larger and more compelling than is implied by the cog status that a multiracial, secular society offers you.

The attraction of right-wing parties to women should be examined, not merely condemned. If a society does not offer individuals a community life that takes them beyond themselves, values only production and the bottom line, and opens itself to immigrants without asserting and cherishing what is special and valuable about Danish, Norwegian, or French culture, it is asking for trouble. For example, upholding the heritage of the Enlightenment and progressive social ideals does not require racism or pejorative treatment of other cultures; but politically correct curricula no longer even make the attempt to do so.

It's interesting how close Wolf gets to the truth here. It's almost as if the Leftist lens has cracked a bit, allowing an unsettling glimpse of something one would rather not think about.  Three things stand out here.

First: She understands that the nationalist right is making an appeal not for this or that political program or reform but for the re-establishment of traditional social roles.

Second: She understands the vapid nothingness of the modern liberal democratic state, which views its citizens as interchangable cogs, nothing more.

Third: She understands that various family civilizations in the West have something special and valuable to offer.

Now, all of this has to be qualified by the multitude of the usual Leftist errors: that any appeal to tradition is a nostalgia-based appeal to an ideal which never actually existed; that any problems encountered by human beings in the face of the mostrously inhuman liberal democratic state is not due to its nature but simply because its Enlightenment roots have not be translated correctly; that any belief in one's own culture and civilization is a form of racism, etc.

These errors are too common-place and boring to spend any time one.  One's mind simply notes the presence of the usual suspects and moves on.  And yet....

...there is something else here.

The feminist looks at my people's women and is *scared*.

As she should be.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Steven Seagal Sends Friend Request to Shirtless Putin

Action movie star Steven Seagal noted in a Moscow Times Interview that he’s on board with Russia’s military action in Crimea, is pals with Vladimir Putin, and may even move to the former Soviet Union someday, according to the Raw Story.

Steven Seagal (Image source: ) Steven Seagal (Image source: KNXV-TV)
Seagal called Putin “one of the great world leaders,” adding that he “would like to consider him as a brother,”
Shirtless Putin, responding from his annual bear ride through Siberia, stated "I shall eat his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Morning Magic

This is truly a work of art. Even our grandkids were enthralled. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big Prayers

H/T Diogenes Middle Finger

ET, Put Down Those Rosary Beads and Phone Home!

This article by Michael Snyder is a little on the wild side. Who knows what mysteries are chronicled in the vast book repository at the Vatican?
So what would happen someday if “aliens” showed up and claimed that they seeded life on this planet, guided our evolution and are now here to lead us into a new golden age?
And what would happen if the Catholic Church gave those aliens their stamp of approval?
That sounds absolutely bizarre, but there are very important Vatican officials that are apparently thinking very hard about these things.

 H/T: Dean Garrison at the DC Clothesline

Morning Tea with a Dollop of Philosphy

This is a long read by John C. Wright, but well worth it.

Do not be deceived: Leftism is an enigma. We need a theorem that explains not one or two aspects of Leftism, but all their traits.
If you say that chastity leads to happy marriage as cause leads to effect, the Modern Liberal will stare at you blankly. If you say paying unwed mothers to have bastards discourages wedlock, they will call you a racist. If you say applauding, defending and supporting the terrorist Palestinians against the innocent Israelis encourages terrorism, they will shriek like mad harpies. They think that to come to an unflattering judgment about any other man or race of men is not just rash and rude, they think it is evil, a type of bigotry, a hate crime.
They have taken a whole area of human thought, namely, everything embraces in ethics, politics, morals, economics and history, and declared it all sacred, off limits, and forbidden to be thought about.
In the memorable phrase of Sayet, they have defined reasoning as a hate crime.

H/T: Vox Day

Monday, March 24, 2014

Saturday Night, 1972

Among other things, bandleader Neal Hefti is known for the theme song of the mid-1960’s TV show, Batman. Back then, if someone did music for a popular TV show, there had to be an album of music supposedly related to the show. In Hefti’s case, it was an album called “Hefti in Gotham City.” On that album was a cut called “Gotham City Municipal Swing Band.” That cut was an ersatz marching band tune.


I don’t know how many dozens of copies that album sold, but “Gotham City Municipal Swing Band” was the type of song that would have been used on small-town radio stations as a sport theme or perhaps on a TV station as a kiddie-show theme. To residence of the San Francisco Bay Area, though, that tune is remembered as the theme of “Creature Features,” KTVU’s weekly horror film show. The host of that show was Bob Wilkins. Bob Wilkins was not your typical horror movie host. No, he was not Elvira, nor was he Svengooly. He was, well, Bob Wilkins:


 Bob would spend some of his on camera time reading the TV Guide listings for Saturday night, asking why you were watching him. He was very droll and had a very dry wit. Those things, along with his ever-present cigar, made him a cult favorite in the Bay Area. From the Neal Hefti theme to Wilkins’s arid sense of humor, Creature Features was a part of that long-ago era.

The summer of 1972 was a special time for me. My oldest brother and his wife were living at home; my other brother was home from college, and I was getting ready to enter my junior year in high school. There were a number of things the three of us would gather around and watch together. Saturday night offered the most memorable programs of them all. The night would start with Creature Features on channel 2 from Oakland.

Later in the evening, or night, we would watch – thanks to that modern marvel of cable TV – a late night movie on KCRA from Sacramento. That movie was hosted by a guy named Geoff Wong. Curiously enough, Bob Wilkins used to work for KCRA and hosted a Saturday night movie. When he left, the station showed movies without a host. Their ratings went into the gutter. They asked Wilkins if he might suggest a new host. Wilkins suggested a friend named Geoff Wong. With that, the “Charlie Chan Film Festival was born.


 Wong would show old Charlie Chan movies from the ‘30’s and ‘40’s. One week he had as a guest Victor Sen Young. Young, most remembered as playing the cook Hop Sing on the TV show Bonanza, had played Charlie Chan’s number 2 son to Sidney Tolar’s Chan. As I recall, the show was taped on Tuesday. Between the Tuesday taping and the Saturday airing, Young was shot in an attempted plane hijacking when flying out of San Francisco International Airport.

 The regular guests on the show, whether they had anything to do with the old movies or not, tended to wear skimpy attire. Wong was especially happy to have Playboy Playmates as guests.

 One of the fun parts of the show, though, was that Wong offered a secret decoder ring for 25 or 50 cents. Week after week Wong would give a message in code for people to decode with their rings. Of course, my family didn’t need no stinking ring. We would dutifully take down the secret message every week. We had vowed to crack that secret code no matter how long it took. My mother, who had an intense dislike for TV and would never stay up late to watch an old movie, even joined in the quest for the elusive code. It was a family project. Every Sunday morning we would look at the latest message, add it to the previous messages, and see what we could do. I don’t know how many months it took us to crack the code, but we finally did. We were happy we didn’t send in the money.

A few months later, KCRA added the Sherlock Holmes Film Festival to its Saturday Night programming. That would last until about 2 AM. One summer morning I stayed up until dawn; the first time I ever did so. Somewhere I have a slide of the morning sunrise from my bedroom window taken that morning.

 It is hard to believe that this was over forty years ago. Sometimes I feel sorry for young people today who do not have such memory making things. I hope they find some anyway.