Wednesday, September 28, 2016


After the Republic by Angelo Codevilla

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Night Dolly Duets

With Alison Krauss

With Kenny Rogers

With Patti LaBelle

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trump's Child Care Plan

Here is a good outline of DJT's proposal for child care/elder care.

My thoughts:

1. Holy crap, the last thing we need are more gov't programs! WTH???

2. Well, "poor" people already get "free" child care/elder care. Would this level the economic playing field for people who actually WORK for a living?

3. Would this encourage more working Americans to have more children? In turn, would this change the demographics of future elections?

4. I still despise tax "rebates". Filing taxes should not be an income stream. Period. It's wealth redistribution, and I'd like to see the EITC shitcanned.  However, that may be a battle for another day, and another administration, if we can get this runaway train turned around.

5. DCA's may be fine and dandy for the $250 thou crowd, but most working Americans are making   $50-70 thou, living paycheck to paycheck, and would not benefit from this at all.

6. How will paid maternity leave affect small businesses? Will they be exempt? It's already ridiculous that small businesses are required to pay both state and federal UE tax. And how can a small business possibly cover for an employee being absent for 6 weeks? This proposal is unrealistic for small businesses, IMO.

I have lots of questions, and his plan needs to be clarified.

I give it two thumbs down. However, I will still cast my vote for Trump because he's the only game in town. Hillary as president is not an option. We can elect a true conservative next time around (if we can find one).

That's my two cents, if it's even worth two cents. What do you all think?

Has someone in Congress finally grown a pair?

Not that I am going to hold my breath, but maybe there is hope for this country yet.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Strangest. Election. Ever.

By now, it should be apparent to everyone that Hillz is sick, and has been for quite some time. Even with the media scrambling to soften the scope of her illness, the voters are seeing independent videos of her falling, fainting, coughing, choking, and generally looking like death-warmed-over.

I have no doubt that there is a game afoot; a nefarious plot to install a hand-picked president. A globalist president. Surely the powerful elites have known all along that Hillary is feeble and chronically ill.  Backing her for the presidency is intentional; when her illness disqualifies her, *THEY* will step in and select a candidate of their choosing.

I have a bad feeling about this one.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Man in the Red Bandana

"Strength, honor, courage"

In memory of the fallen.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Name That Place

On our recent road trip to central Washington State, RadioMattM and I devised a new road a song that mentions an actual place name (country, state, province, city, town, village, river, mountain etc. or a demonym).  We must have hit at least 50 or 60.

How many can you name?  Here's 10 to get you started:

Walking in Memphis
Ferry Across The Mersey
Daniel (is leaving tonight on a plane, I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Montego Bay
Scarborough Fair
California Dreaming
New York, New York

Bonus!  Number 11 :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'm from the government. I'm here to help.

A high school friend on Face Book posted one of those videos. You know the ones, they are not really videos but rather Power Point presentations that are turned into videos.

This video was one of those heartwarming stories with a “why can’t more people be like this?” message.