Sunday, December 4, 2016

Once In Royal David's City

Try not to let the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Let The Christmas Music Begin...

You all know this is one of my very mostest favourites:

Make America Great Again!

And Merry Christmas!


Monday, November 28, 2016

I can see clearly now, almost

This being 39 stuff is for the birds.

In November, 2015, I had an eye exam. The prescription for my right eye (just the nitty-gritty here) was -0.75 -0.75. I bought a new pair of glasses.

By August of this year my glasses just weren't doing the job anymore, so I got a new eye exam. This time the prescription of my right eye was -2.00 -0.50. The left eye did not change that much, but the optometrist said my best corrected vision in it was 20/40.

I have known for about four years that I had cataracts in the making. I was then told I would  not have to worry about them for 20 years. Last year I was told 2-3 years. In August I was told "Dang, you got some nasty cataracts there, son." I was actually told that it was not really safe for me to drive at night.

On November 3 I had surgery to replace the lens in my left eye. The doctor told me that the cataract was so dense he had to crank up the ultrasound to dissolve it. Unfortunately, that causes corneal swelling, which takes a bit longer to heal.

When I got home, my eye was bothering me so I decided to take a nap -- hoping my eye would feel better when I woke up. As I lay on the bed, I looked at the ceiling.  I could not really see anything with my left eye because of the swelling and because I was wearing a clear plastic patch to protect the eye. While I could not see clear images, I could see color -- and I wondered why someone was shining a blue light on the ceiling.

The next day I had a 24-hour follow-up. I picked a shirt to wear out of my closet. This shirt had something of a plaid pattern, with a beige main color and some wide brownish lines. I was shocked. There was not a speck of brown on the shirt. What I thought was a creamy beige was in reality pure white. The brown lines were gray. When I went to work on Saturday, I chose a shirt that had a small pattern of black and white -- except now it was white and a bluer-than-blue pattern.

To put it in perspective, here is a picture of the curtain in our bedroom with sunlight shining through it. This is an unretouched photo and reflects how my left eye now sees it.

Here is an approximation of how my right eye sees it.

The ceilings that I thought were beige were, in fact pure white. I mentioned this to the doctor at my check-up, and he said one patient asked him why he put in a blue lens.

Right now I am doing what is called "mono vision." I use my left eye for distance and my right eye for reading. I have been reading a book and using a yellow highlighter. I thought the highlighter was drying out as I could barely see it on the page. Then I happened to look at it with my left eye: it almost looked neon against the -- you guessed it -- white page. Against the brownish page, it was hard to see.

On December 8, I get the other eye done. There will be some recovery time after that and I will again have to wear reading glasses. I must say that I have enjoyed the past few weeks of not wearing anything but sunglasses, but getting 20/20 again and seeing the full spectrum of colors is well worth it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Happy Autumn Friends

I took Mom to her doctor appointment this morning, and then on a leisurely drive to savor the autumn colors of the Ozarks. It was magnificent and soothing to the soul, and Mom was radiant with happiness. I hope you all enjoy my musical selection and the photos I took on our travels.

Monday, November 14, 2016

They Soil Their Surroundings...

Father Raymond J. de Souza nails it.

Despite the misgivings I had about Trump — and they are still massive — the last week has brought the compensatory delight of witnessing the establishment class achieving the rare combination of being simultaneously depressed and apoplectic. Had President Barack Obama declared a national day of mourning it could not have been more intensely observed by the folks on CNN — and the CBC.

"Compensatory delight" has such a delightful ring to it!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Oh Canada

Oh Canada

Like I have been saying all along.  Hello people, we have actual borders.  Not that I see any storming of them by Robert DeNiro, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lena Dumpling, Myley Seriously Diseased, Madonna, Samuel L Jacksonmywayoutta here, Bryan Cranston, George Clooneytunes, Al Sharpton, Cher (no thanks, I don't wanna cher). Barbra (special snowflake) Streisand, Whoopi
 Cushion, Amy Schoooowtf?

COME ON!  Let me see your boarding card and a Selfie of you boarding the plane.

Then let me see a selfie of you being denied entry at the Canadian border.

Yeah right.

Ain't happening fools.

This is why I Love Rod Liddle

Go read the whole thing.

The deplorables are rather wonderful people, aren’t they? Both here and in the United States. The people’s revolution continues apace, defying the odds each time, defying the pollsters, defying the elite. I cannot tell you how pleasurable it was to scamper downstairs on Wednesday morning to check out the reaction on the Guardian’s website. It kept me cackling for hours. The previous morning the paper had concluded its fatuous leader column with the words: ‘Americans should summon a special level of seriousness and display a profound responsibility when they go to the polls.’ That alone had made me yearn for a Trump victory — the arrogant, chastising tone which liberals, especially European liberals, always adopt when dealing with commoners and plebs, the people who do not buy into their palpably failing and idiotic worldview.

I was briefly for Obama in 2008 until the witless euphoria began to dissolve my brain and I switched at the last minute. The Mandela-fication of Obama — crass, patronising and misplaced — annoyed me more than McCain’s evident dimness and negative charisma.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ono it's Yoko

Most definitely NSFW, animals, or small children.  But seriously hilarious.

And here is the video in question, aoeeeooeeoeooooaaooooeeeaeaeaee!