Friday, July 3, 2015

Deep Thoughts

Whether I agree with Gavin McInnes or not is beside the point. His candor is like a breath of fresh air. He is a man who is not afraid to "tell it like it is" and stare you in the eyes when he's doing it. Breathe deeply.

The basic tenets of the liberal narrative include: Women are thriving in the workforce since being freed from the prison sentence that is the housewife’s life. Southerners are stupid, racist rednecks who are proud of slavery. Undocumented workers are hardworking people who love their families and are just coming here for a better life. Islam is a religion of peace; the extremists are only acting like that because we made them that way. Gender is a construct. Gays are madly in love and can’t wait to devote themselves to the bliss of matrimony. Blacks are struggling a little, yes, but that’s because “systemic” racism is “alive and well” today and cops are out to get them. The only problem with America these days is white men.

It’s a weird narrative that seems to come more from bratty spitefulness than from any kind of rational long-term plan. I think all these ideas may have started in the right place, but after achieving their goal of true equality they just kept steamrolling over us into the sunset. If you call bullshit on them, you’re a bigot or a racist or a sexist. All right, fine. If using my eyeballs and ear holes is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
I also appreciate the kind (and true) words on Southerners.


  1. I love Gavin. Love. Now that Red Eye has lost Greg Gutfeld, I don't watch as often but if Gavin is on it's a must see.

    He also wrote a very good article on Ann Coulter recently.

  2. I think (hope?) the left is going to find out that they do not have as much control over the country as they think, or wish, they have.

    If a movie comes on TV and there is a southern Sheriff, you can be sure that he is a corrupt, rcist hick. You just know it. And people who speak with southern drawls are stupid. (I once heard someone tell a story: he used to think that people who spoke with a drawl were stupid. He then took a trip to New Orleans. Once he stepped out in the 100 degrees and 90% humidity, all he could do was speak with a slow drawl. Changed his mind REAL quick).

    The left is made up of the most bigoted people in existence. Even the people who have heretofore tried to remain apolitical are beginning to see it.

    I fear the near future may not be very pretty.