Friday, December 19, 2014

War On Wymin

Let's end the suffrage, NOW!


  1. Mush-brained morons taught by progressive lunatics. Typical.

  2. SHE: Hey, give it back...

    HE: You already signed it, Heather!

    SHE: I'm so dumb.

    Niice. Smooth dude is smooth. Not only was she not pissed, I bet he could have gotten her number.

    I'm glad he showed some women with a clue who blew him off. All is not lost for the Millennials.

  3. Sending the petition to state senators and Jake Gyllenhaal? LMAO!

    How did these gurlz get into college? Oh wait, never mind. I'm sure neglecting to teach suffrage and other obscure American history in our public schools is being rectified by the Common Core curriculum. I'm SURE of it!

    I crack myself up.

    1. You would have thought that the Jake Gyllenhaal reference would have tipped off that woman.

  4. "OK, I'll sign. I don't care". WTF??? Are these girls out of their minds? Did they ever have one that they could leave it?? I'm gobsmacked.

    Good on the girl in the pink sweater who refused. One out of how many knew what suffrage was? :o

    The video is hilarious but I cringed throughout.