Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SOPA on a rope.

The bare outline of the Stop Online Piracy Act sounds innocuous enough.

If it passes, I suppose we can simply rely on the good sense of regulators, the discretion of prosecutors  and the broad minded, non-partisan good will of government officials in general to avoid any miscarriage of justice, chilling of free speech, or general breakdown of the internet.

Which is a polite way of saying we'll be screwed.

If you've not formed an opinion on the matter I suggest you read the stories about the opposition from both the grass roots right and left who are joining forces against the Hollywood bought and paid for ruling class (both R and D).

Even pure techie sources (which tend to lean left) are giving credit to grass roots conservatives opposed to the measure, even though there are partisan points to be scored by highlighting all the Rs in favor.

I trust I've made my own views clear. Thoughts?


  1. Reading your first link I could understand some the concerns that SOPA should address, piracy of intellectual and copyrighted property. But after reading more, I agree with a commenter that the government does NOT understand the internet.

    Times are few and far between when the left and right unite behind a cause. I think SOPA is a terrible idea, I think the internet bigwigs need to do something tangible to make sure this legislation is shot down.

    Hey, Congress - here's an idea. Cut your insane spending and start slashing government bureaucracies to bare bone.

  2. Clever headline lewy!

    The SOPA legislation gives me a cold chill. I don't trust the government to simply protect the bank accounts of the NYT and Pfizer...I believe they will use this as a green light for an all-out offensive on internet content they do not politically approve of.

    Sites like You Tube and Etsy will be stomped on.

    Holder's Justice Department could erase sites like Drudge and Breitbart and The Blaze from the internet. Blogs like TCKT could be shut down, sued, or censored. It won't be pretty.

  3. Thanks for "getting" the title lady red. I thought to elaborate on it but decided that "less is more".


  4. If someone in power wants to get you, there are laws on the books that will let him do it.