Saturday, October 22, 2011

Okay, Who Thought THIS Was A Good Idea?

You gotta be kidding me! Mark frickin' Sanford?

Former Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina will soon join Fox News as a paid contributor on the network, according to The New York Times.

No. A thousand times NO.

But why would Fox pick up Sanford as a commentator? Perhaps they saw an opportunity to compete in the disgraced-ex-politician-turned-news-commentators field after Eliot Spitzer’s show on CNN was cancelled.

To raise the roof, call Fox New at 1-888-369-4762.

Or you can email your favorite Fox personality at: (example:


  1. I could care less what this piece of trash has to say. He didn't just cheat on his wife, he ABANDONED his entire state to go f*ck on a beach, in another country, completely out of touch with state government.

    Who cares what he thinks? Yuck. He's a worm.

    One of these days I'll tell you what I really think about Sanford. What I said above is the G-rated version. :)

  2. Oh, please NO! I watch the business channel more and more as FNC is getting bad enough but THIS?!?

    Thanks for the number, lady red, I will definitely call.

    This guy is the scum of the earth (and that's my cleaned-up version as well).


  3. he ABANDONED his entire state to go f*ck on a beach, in another country

    Jeez, lady red, you say it like it's a bad thing. ;)

    [Runs away, giggling again]...

  4. LMAO! Lewy, you're incorrigible, and I love you to pieces! :X

  5. Roger Ailes isn't known for making mistakes. Well, until now he wasn't.

  6. Here's a link with all the email addresses:

    Email FNC about Mark Sanford

    I have to say it always brings a smile to my face to think of lewy giggling :-)

  7. Lewy, you're incorrigible, and I love you to pieces!


  8. aw... you guys are sweet! You made me blush!

    [And that's quite an accomplishment!]

  9. Hey, if being incorrigible gets the brilliant young ladies of the table to love me to pieces, I want to take lessons from Lewy!

  10. Matt, when I offer my course online, I'll let you know... ;)

  11. "Reduce tuition costs. Education is a right!"

  12. If my course is free, it will be worth every penny!

  13. Well, I would never join a club that would accept me as a member!