Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Israeli Tourism Ad Banned in the UK

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority claims a picture of the Kotel isn't kosher.



  1. My sense is that the Obama administration is right now doing inventory on all the levers at its disposal to "impose" a "peace" between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

    He'll pull them all, but only if he thinks he'll "succeed". What's the definition of success? Good question...

  2. "What's the definition of success?"

    Same as it has always been: the Palestinians makes promises that are broken before the ink dries, while Israel gives up more of its security.

  3. Matt nailed it.

    BO bows to Hu Jintau whilst metaphorically giving the finger to Bebe. I am disgusted beyond belief.

    Yes, lewy, it appears that so much of what BO does is ego- rather than integrity-driven.

  4. The British bureaucratic drones have lost their freakin' minds. Sanity and common sense are in exceedingly short supply.

    As for Obama; he tries to "change" something or another each and every week. It's dizzying! He honestly thinks he can wave his magic wand over the middle east and everyone will begin hugging, sharing their toys, and singing kumbaya. Just because HE is THE ONE.

    His condescending attitude towards Israel makes me really angry.