Monday, April 5, 2010

Cookoo for Cocoa Huffs!

I have no other words for this.

HT: Instapundit.

Also: an even more awesome TED talk - How to Start a Movement.

(This really should have been the headline post, but the title for the above was too tasty to resist).

The first Follower is the most critical person - they confirm the Leader. And the Leader needs to accept the Followers as equals, otherwise it's about the Leader, and not the Movement.

HT: all night chat session on Zero Hedge.....


  1. img:""

    Oh brother. Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. 'Nuff said.

    But I love how his mike mouthpiece matches his shirt.


  2. I think the dudes in the second video have exceeded their whif quota.

    I am, as they say in the old country, gobsmacked.

  3. Le Whif? Tres chic!

    On second thought, I'll get my chocolate fix the old-fashioned way.


  4. Can I ask the same favor as last time, please?

    Will someone with a functional OS link to this:

    With the title 'There Will always Be A TransMarche Zone!'

  5. Gotcha covered, DWT! I added a picture of the White Cliffs of Dover...

  6. Thanks, Lady Red.

    I hope by the end of the week to be free of the curse of Ubuntu.

    If I was more interested in what I could do with my PC, than in what it could do for me, I suppose I would keep it in a seperate partition, but I am simply going to remove it altogether.

    In essence telling it 'Go! And never darken my hard drive again'

  7. Fay, the dancers have certainly huffed a whiff too far... but I liked the larger points by the speaker about leadership, followers, and how to start a movement.

    lady red - that photo is totally hawt. Chocolate pr0n. Love it.

  8. You know, I wonder if it might not be somewhat helpful as an appetite suppressant. I know I eat far less of eat something I've cooked and been smelling for hours. But then again, I'm also the type who likes just a little chocolate (the really good stuff), to savor a bit at a time. I don't see a sniff of chocolate doing anything for my chocoholic hubbie except making him hungrier!