Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Anger Isn't Abating. It's Building.

From contributor Sundance at The Conservative Tree House:
"...Perhaps it would be different if you ever had a come-to-Jesus moment and apologized immediately following the November election.  Then again, when your opinion of your own self-importance is this high, those humble words are just as foreign as your understanding of the movement that won.

You don’t get to frame the entire construct of your argument around opposition to a team, and then claim benefit to the outcome of victory.  Stay on your high-horse, move along and ride off into that proverbial land of irrelevance; you’re dead here.

Save your dismount for another defining “conservative” assembly where you can gather at CPAC again and give a standing ovation to House Speaker Paul Ryan a month after he eliminates the debt ceiling and passes a $2 trillion OmniBus spending bill, funding all of the progressive priorities you hypocritically claim to oppose; you’re good at that.

That particular circle of crazy just doesn’t sell here any longer..."

Read the whole thing. It's brutal. I'm VERY thankful that so many conservatives who didn't like Trump are now with us. We are strong and united! However, these guys (and gals) will NEVER be with us, even as they watch their credibility and their careers circle the drain. We're much better off without them.


  1. Good article.

    I have noticed that the CTH seems to be mentioned in more and more blogs. It is one of the secondary blogs I follow (most of what it has seems to be open threads) but it is good.

  2. I know my anger is building. I am already sick of the rioting and violence by those who backed the loser Clinton, but somehow think their tantrums are going to change things. They will not.

    My anger is building at those self-righteous, self-important and self-styled 'elites' who think it is the height of wit and urbanity to assure the fools who follow them that the man America voted for (and now supports as high as 60+% in some polls) will soon be murdered.

    Do they think they will be protected, somehow, if this happens? Do they not realize that yes, words do have consequences, and words of hate and violence directed at the President will almost certainly lead to violence against them should their seeming fondest wishes come true?

    Remember, 'pundits' hanging from a lamp post is a slow & brutal death. There is no neck-snapping drop from a height to make it quick. It is long, slow, painful strangulation. There are a lot of lamp posts in DC, NYC and other centers of "we are better than you" population.

    If it does hit the fan, we will prove ourselves better by the only real criteria there is. We will survive. You will not.

  3. That may have been a little more brutal than expected, but I stand by it

  4. Michael Mukasey and Andrew McCarthy are not "against" Trump. Mukasey worked with Giuliani on a commission to develop the details for Trump's immigration executive order. McCarthy has written several complimentary articles about Trump on National Review, PJMedia, Weekly Standard, etc. Here is his latest opinion article on Trump's temporary entry ban for several countries, deeming it sound and constitutional.

    How about going after people like Lisa Murkowsky and Susan Collins who say they are voting against Betsy Devos? Republicans who actually are impacting Trump's agenda?

    Giuliani worked with Mukasey on Trump's temporary entry ban.

  5. I remember reading positive articles here about (and links to) Beck and his site not too long ago. Ever since his Fox News days I've suspected he has some significant mental issues. I'm willing to bet Bill Krystol knows he's been wrong on Trump on many occasions but his ego won't let him admit it. Never cared for Bozell or Erickson. I have no idea who David Macintosh is so don't care about his opinions.

    I have great respect for Thomas Sowell and his writings and also enjoy listening to Dana Loesch and Katy Pavlich.

    1. Nearly everyone has been wrong about nearly everything lately.

      I don't count what people did or didn't do before against them. Or for them, for that matter.

      I just look to see if they notice that they were wrong, that everybody else was wrong, and that they don't know anything.

      Then I see if they shut up for a while.

      No pundit has passed my test yet. Not fair, because pundits can't shut up or they go broke, but I gotta keep up with the brutality game that Dances is bringing. ;)

  6. A post on Facebook recently told how open minded liberals and treat people with respect but that they are justified in treating conservatives like crap because conservatives are such rotten people.

    A couple of days ago there was a post of Barney Fife and Gomer Pile with dumbfounded looks on their faces with a caption "Thel look on the faces of people who voted for Trump when they see what he has done." Never mind that Trump has been doing exactly what he said he would do, so I don't understand why we would be shocked. Well, maybe we are shocked that an elected official actually did what he said he would do.

    I hope they don't keep this up, because they are going to be in a world of hurt when the average American gets fed up with their crap. If the left feels that they are justified their violence, the time will come when we are more than willing to pay them back.

    Lewy, I hear ya brother.

    1. Social media = the blight of the 21st century.

      I totally agree with your prediction. I think we on the right have already had enough of the left's shyte. Bring it.

    2. I read this morning how the left is calling for more violence against the right. If nothing else, the left does not have the discipline to wage a lasting campaign., much less the skills.

      These are the same people who fall apart when they see "Trump" written in chalk. How do the expect to last when the other side starts shooting back?

      Some Hollywood type is calling for the military to stage a coup. Yeah, right. The military, who was treated with the utmost respect by the Obama administration is going to stage a coup against Trump. Of course, this coup will also have the help of police officers who basked in the love of the previous administration.

      I find it sad the the left feels it can relate to violence because the right is so hateful. The left talks about how Trump is like Hitler, but who was it exactly who used violence to silence opposition? I dare say that if anyone is using the tactics of Hitler, it is the left.

      Maybe we will be lucky and they will get tired and go for a nap in their safe spaces before they really do anything really dangerous.

      And why do they burn down Berkley? You would be hard presses to find a more liberal city than Berkley.

    3. Last week I saw some video of a lefty punk threatening some woman and a guy stepped in and grabbed/pushed him. He immediately started squealing "Don't touch me, don't touch me!".

      All the violence captured by cell phones (including the woman who was pepper-sprayed last night) are exclusively done by the progressives against Trump supporters. Their rhetoric has been violent too (Madonna, SAG awards, etc.).

      The only case of violence on the right was at an early Trump rally where some old geezer (who was later arrested) punched a BLM protester who was being led out of the facility. They don't arrest the lefties/anarchist punks, they "give those who wish to destroy space to do that".

  7. I think it's only a matter of time before the right starts cracking heads. People are fed up. This "strike" that the fascist-left is agitating for could ignite into all-out brawls if the balaclava-wearing idiots wander out of their safe-bubbles (Berkeley, Portland, Seattle, etc).

    My wish list: I'd like to see the womyn who targeted Ivanka Trump's business lose their livelihoods (they put themselves in the public eye; they're fair game). I'd like to see empty movie theaters. I'd like to see newspaper and magazine cancellations. I'd like to see product boycotts. These are all simple things we can do as individuals that will make an enormous collective impact.

    1. That will require organization. Just sayin'.

    2. Not really. It didn't take "organization" to elect Trump. Spreading the word will do. :)

    3. Directed fire is always more effective. Pick one asshat in particular to go after. Hold fire till overwhelming force is massed and then shitlord the bjezus out of them. Then disappear and educate the next remedial smbtch that the best business course of action is to keep it effing zipped.

      Because freedom isn't free and neither is the virtue signaling. What's the saying? Oh yeah #pricetag! Yeah that's the ticket.

      Heh wouldn't that mess with some heads, some OG Judean Israeli graffiti as a calling card. Print it up with Pepe. Drop wherever lefties are punched.

    4. I'm not sure if directed fire is best in this case. If we go after a selected target, that target will become a cause celebre for the left.

      Since we are not talking about a matter of resource allocation here, we could easily go after a number of targets. The left would not be able to prop them all up at the same time

    5. IMO it's too late to worry about escalation. The battle is joined. And the next time the Left gains power - if there is a next time - they are never letting go.

    6. This is a guerrilla war. Take aim, hit target, move to next target. Keep them off-balance and scrambling. Make them worry about the angry "deplorables" behind every blade of grass. Cause them to fear a scathing meme attacking every ridiculous move they make, and every infantile, ignorant position they take. Turn them one against the other. Seek, acquire, destroy. Relentlessly.

      We MUST obliterate them. If there is one twitch left in the stinking carcass of progressivism, it will rise again.