Thursday, August 18, 2016

I can believe it.

This video is so simple, I can understand how many people miss it.


  1. I laughed...and laughed. Good find Matthew, I love laughing with you x

    1. I know of no sweeter sound than the sound of your laughter.

  2. And in the interests of laughter, I give you The Great American Invasion of 2016. :-) :-)

    The United States finally invaded Canada on Sunday, although the trespassing flotilla of dinghies, inner tubes and rafts was hardly the kind of invasion force one might expect.

    Strong winds disrupted the annual Port Huron Float Down on the American side of the St. Clair River over the weekend, pushing nearly 1,500 participants in dinghies over the border and onto the shores of Sarnia, Ont. Most of the unintentional border-crossers arrived without passports, phones or arrangements to get back home, creating a major headache for law enforcement and emergency responders on both sides of the river.