Saturday, July 2, 2016


Here is a long column about how it would be easier for The Powers That Be to control small groups of diversity-selected people than to control the entire populace at the voting booth.

Power and Control.
"In order to keep democracy alive, we will have to learn that democracy cannot be reduced to voting alone. Elections and referendums become dangerously outmoded tools if they are not enriched with more sensible forms of citizens’ participation. Structured deliberation with a random sample of citizens promises to generate a more vital, dynamic and inclusive form of democracy. In Utrecht, the fourth city of the Netherlands, the city council now drafts by lot 150 citizens to co-create its sustainable energy plan. These processes may become a permanent feature of any modern democracy."
This is well worth the time to read and digest. I found the propaganda value of the photos interesting; in one, an ancient old crone heads to the voting booth in London. In another, Trump appears to give the sieg heil salute.

Shall we discuss?

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  1. Hmmm... interesting. The results of "democracy" in the so-called Arab Spring didn't shake things up thinking-wise, but Brexit did? Curious.

    /off to read the article