Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Divine Steyn

Mark Steyn and Nick Farage decimate Louise Arbour and Simon Schama in the Munk debate.  Cons won as well they should.  Oh Mark, be still my heart...


  1. He was truly incensed, as well we should ALL be. What's happening in Europe is appalling.

    For the record, I despise "feminists", and I would like nothing better than to drop that smug bitty "Louise" or whatever-the-hell her name is into the center of a Syrian refugee camp. Her twisted little tune might change.

    Thanks for posting Fay. It's always a pleasure to see and hear Steyn in action. :)

  2. Yup, he was spittin' mad! I loved Barbara Kay's report in the National Post,

    "In his opening statement, Steyn reviewed the present tumultuous situation in Europe. He made it clear that the majority of people streaming into and across the continent are not traditional refugees at all, but male economic migrants, mostly not from war-torn Syria. He, and later Farage, painted a grim picture of the impact that culturally sanctioned aggression is having on communities exposed to critical numbers of migrants, particularly on women and young girls — Steyn cited actual disturbing cases — who are bearing the brunt of the radiating anarchic dynamic inherent in the circumstances.

    To some audience members (not to me, but for example to my furiously tweeting companion, a young colleague who happens to bear the same last name as me), Steyn dwelt excessively on the sexual crimes we’ve all read about in Cologne, Hamburg, Malmö and elsewhere. So it apparently seemed to Arbour and Schama, because they mocked Steyn for it in their rebuttals. Arbour sneered at both Steyn and Farage as “newborn feminists” (she got a laugh), while Schama disgraced himself with “I’m just struck by how obsessed with sex these two guys are, actually. It’s a bit sad, really.” (That got a very big laugh.) I took one look at Steyn’s glowering face after that remark — Schama will regret having said it to his dying day, I know it — and I kind of felt sorry for those two liberals, because I knew what was coming.

    Steyn slowly rose and riposted, in a tone of withering contempt, “I wasn’t going to do funny stuff. I was going to be deadly serious. (But) I’m slightly amazed at Simon’s ability to get big laughs on gang rape.” Vigorous applause. He went on, “Mme Arbour scoffs at the ‘newfound feminists.’ I’m not much of a feminist, but I draw the line at a three year old … and a seven year old getting raped.” Vigorous applause."

  3. Does anyone know if there is a transcript of this event? I'd love to read it even thought it is my firmly held belief that the only proper response to Arbour is a solid fucking punch right in the baby maker.