Sunday, March 13, 2016

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

This silly article was published at the NYT, correlating Trump supporters with a variety of traits, including no education and living in mobile homes. Some of the comments are priceless, but one, written by poster "fourteen" from Boston, had me literally laughing out loud:
This is a fun but not very meaningful article. Your test of correlation strength is useless without a test of significance. And your highest strength of 0.61 is way below what is needed to "examine what factors predict a high level of Trump support relative to the total number of registered voters." 0.61 has an insignificant r-squared of 36%

I enjoyed the mobile home predictor. You might also consider testing the correlation of Trumpism with hurricane incidence.

Additional variables for follow-on research are: wearing wife-beater t-shirts, ownership of pick-ups with American flag decals, obesity, burping, loud mufflers, tattoos, Budweiser drinkers, TV watchers, and the name "Bubba."
Funny stuff!


  1. I love the Kitty gif! She always makes me laugh. :)

  2. The first paragraph of his/her comment is gibberish to me. Gibberish! Even Greek or Klingon would be easier to comprehend. I skillfully and with much aforethought managed to avoid taking statistics in college (praise the saints and all their relics). Maybe one of you can translate it into layman's terms. :)

  3. I couldn't begin to translate it into anything meaningful but I do get the gist of the comment.

    Absolutely priceless! :)) :))