Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Out With The Old, In With The Same-Old?

So Paul Ryan has finally, after days of begging by desperate representatives, decided to go for the House Speaker's office.

Let's see what we are getting, and how much improvement there will be over Boehner:

More after the break:

I actually think highly of Paul Ryan's purported budget ideas, except that I do not see how such ideas can be workable in the face of  ever-reducing American workers, as will happen with the TPP, and an ever-growing dependent class, as will happen with unrestricted immigration.


  1. The more I find out about Paul Ryan, the more I realize he's an awful choice for speaker. I think you're right DWT, we'll just be getting a Boehner clone (or worse).

    What the hell is it going to take to reel this back in? Torches and pitchforks don't seem to be working. Washington is not listening. They don't care about their constituents, they don't care about their country, and honestly, they're not worth anything to us.

  2. Well, I just read that Ryan is in. The question to me isn't so much whether he can unite a fractious Republic Party, but rather whether he can establish a party in tune with the base.

    Because all the Pubs hugging and singing kumbaya will just make the bitter clingers madder if they're still squishy, hand-wringing cucks.

    1. The bad news is that he seems like yesterday's Democrat.

      That's also the good news. Today's Democrat is a goddamn Bolshevik.