Thursday, October 8, 2015

Constitutional Trivia That's Not So Trivial

I did not know that the Speaker of the House DOES NOT have to be a member of the House. How come I didn't know that? Did I know it and just forgot that I knew it? *insert old-gal shrug here*

So, do you all think Romney or Gingrich might land the position? Or is Ryan a shoo-in now that McCarthy has dropped out? Or will Boehner hang on kicking and screaming? Or will one of the right wing "extremists" prevail?


  1. Josh Earnest: “There is a minority group of conservative politicians that places their own extreme ideology ahead of everything else and certainly ahead of effective governance of the country, but also as of today ahead of the effective governance of the House Republican caucus.” Earnest said “Somebody within the - among the house republicans will have to step forward and demonstrate an ability to either tame the forces of that, again small but vocal group of extreme ideologues, or buck up the mainstream or at least more mainstream majority within the House Republican conference that will also include a willingness to work in bipartisan fashion."

    In other words: "Shut up"..

    1. I have to giggle every time I see Earnest on TV. Problem is this time he's partially right...the "hard core" (What's that? I thought I was hard core?) "Freedom Caucus" is stopping everything in Congress, both good and bad. Right now we have no budget, once again, thanks to them, and another money cloaking CR. They want a Nancy Pelosi House but only have 45 odd members. HINT: You can't get there from there.

      The whole idea of a House of Representatives is bipartisan participation, and "sausage making" when necessary...sheer obstinance is not the idea. However, today, by either Democrat or Republican grouping, it is the rule. The ONLY reason Democrats are semi-reasonable now is because they lost the majority ... which they very well may regain if the Republicans can't stop acting like two opposing parties. I'm not a fan of the establishment, Dem or Repub, however, I also know change doesn't occur in a flash. Someone has to budge...and the Republicans have the opportunity....and seem hell bent on wasting it. For the next 15 months you have the handicap in the White House and some flexibility is necessary to avoid the name "do-nothing" which is rapidly being earned.

      Frankly, I've almost given up on all of it. I think it was the discharge and punishment of the Special Forces soldier who stopped rapes of young boys, on US Forces compounds, by physically intervening. When I wore the uniform you would have been court martialed for doing anything less than the SF soldier did. WTF are we doing to ourselves?

    2. Said another way: Just pass the damned legislation in both the House and Senate and let Obama veto or sign it, either way he'd own it.

      As it is now we give him a pass by putting nearly nothing on his desk.

    3. And get rid of that damned Cloture Rule in the legislation is required, just action by the leadership, which is Republican at present. The only super-majority rules that should remain is the veto over-ride rule and the amendment passage requirement.

      On the course we're taking now we're on schedule for a total autocracy before I croak. MAKE the POTUS over-ride laws, if he can or thinks he can, and FORCE him to make his case to the public. Or...shortly he won't have to do so and the Democrats will again take over top to bottom.


  2. I didn't realize a non-house member could be speaker either, lady red. I don't think Mitt Romney is in the running, he is just one of those urging Paul Ryan to try for the position. I do think Ryan could unite all parts of the party. I am glad that McCarthy stepped down, his comments about the Benghazi hearings caused a LOT of problems for the party and for Trey Gowdy. I believe he would have been even
    less effective than Boehner.

    I also think the hand-wringers and these reportedly crying over this latest move are ridiculous. Talk about over-reaction! And Peter King is making his usual divisive comments. I would love to see Newt as speaker. Or Paul Ryan.

    I don't listen to a thing that Earnest has to say. As propaganda minister for Obama, he is as incapable as Hillary Clinton of making a single honest statement. They represent the most phony, self-serving aspects of politics. Eff them.

    1. Good Lord, with all the Republicans in the House, do we really have to give up the sane economic voice running his committee? How many jobs do we expect him to do?

      He's not an idiot, and he's very aware that at present Republican leadership is like herding cats. Who needs it? We've devolved in to three parties, more or less, and guess who the losers will be sooner than later. Hint: The name begins with an R...divided houses and all that.

  3. Replies
    1. You're probably right...SMOD is what is about to hit the Republican Party...again. BTW...are you sure he's not a she? :-)

    2. are you sure he's not a she? :-)

      I thought about that after I posted my comment.

      SMOD should really open up about his/her gender identity.