Sunday, August 9, 2015

Erase the SPLC

The foot-stamping little trolls of the SPLC, a pillar of today's elite class, are championing a cultural pogrom against the eviiiiil racist haters raters hatists of the South. They, the elites who KNOW BETTAH, seek to choose our heroes, our holidays, the names of our schools, our monuments, our flags, and what is written on the gravestones of our ancestors.

Because all the lootin' pollutin' rooty-toot-tootin' gang bangin' cop shootin' riot burnin' stealin' rapin' rappin' crappin' uneducated unemployed anti-social money-suckin' dumb fuckin' black mobs are all our fault.

Morris Dees, bless his pea-pickin' little fascist heart...


  1. "Erasing hate": erasing anything American. I notice he did not mention the shootings in Chattanooga at the enlistment center. I notice he did not mention Fort Hood.

    The church shooting was despicable. Conservatives almost if not unanimously say so. But Conservatives are condemned for the shooting. Meanwhile the crimes committed by illegal aliens, the crimes committed in the name of islam, the riots that destroy the livelihood of innocent people, the persecution of police for doing their jobs are given a pass or some kind of "well, he shouldn't of done that but I understand why he did." Then there is the Margaret Sanger Midnight Body Parts Supply Company.

    I would be tempted to get the address of the SPLC and mark that on their map.

    1. SPLC is a known scam. They pull in a boatload of money. They're compensation practices aren't exactly on the low end of the scale. They got some nice digs. They're vulnerable to an undercover video op.

    2. There are few true racist haters anywhere in the USA...only media promotion highlights it as if it were a common behavior. SPLC would be out of business if it were not for the trumped up (no pun intended) racial issues. About 12% of the national populace somehow are considered about 1/10th of a % of their population...and yet they get constant media attention. Yes, "Black Live Matter" and so do all other lives...I even feel that way about my one time enemies in Asia. This silliness in the USA lately is amusing at best, if it were not for the stridency. I'd hope one day we'd all just ignore this promotional hate. When the BLM crowd drive Bernie Sanders off the stage, I figured they're just ignorant....Bernie Sanders, I mean, come on...the BLM'rs just took advantage of a quiet man, a socialist yet, who would support them...but that's not good enough...he's white after all and skin matters? If we cannot get over this skin issue we are toast...captive of the 1/10th of 1% of the 12%. How does that make any sense?

    3. Oh...and Morris Dees is an idiot who just doesn't get it. I'd bet he lives in a cloistered subdivision with gates yet thinks he has profound knowledge of race relations. Gawd save us from such fools. And why on G-d's green earth is he given airtime for his blarney? Never mind...I know that answer. I live among persons with varied skin colors and have yet, to this day, make judgments about them based upon that. If anything, it makes me curious and interested in how we both think, how similar and how different.