Friday, April 3, 2015

And now for something completely different...

Mary Poppins Meets Death Metal



  1. Warms. My. Little. Black. Heart. :D

    So it seems like this is a whole genre: I totally love this one (from "Frozen")

    1. I'm SO over anything Frozen. My granddaughter watches that silly movie obsessively. Even the death metal paintbrush doesn't help. Bleh!

  2. Replies
    1. Bah...they cheated. Used a hollow chocolate easter bunny. Cheapskates! :-)

      I have nice solid chocolate bunny about the same size that will show my teeth gnaw marks for a week or so until gone. And I don't even like candy much, but solid chocolate figures once a year are nice. Judi knows..that's MY bunny...hands off...the gnaw marks help in that regard :-))

    2. Oh noes! Da bunneeeezzzee....

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  3. Why yes, it IS completely different! Hahaha!!! Great find florrie!

  4. Death Metal etc reminds me of one of my favorite groups: Pigmy Love Circus [doing King of LA]

    Many years ago now they were a group we booked in to a new music veterans club & bar that I helped manage at that time....dang, even the cops who came to check us out and the age of sundry patrons liked them and stuck around for a while, bothering no one....even the Mosh Pit loons. Their best crazy piece is called "Anthem" but I cannot find it on line.

    Oh, and BTW...Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. I've already received photos from friends in Israel who just celebrated Seder....other than the Matzo, the food looks good...but not as good as MY chocolate bunny :-)) Da bunneeeezzzee...rule!

  5. Correction: I said Their best crazy piece is called "Anthem" but I cannot find it on line.

    It should have referred to "Asylum." Can't find that either :-(

  6. LMAO! this is so ... random! :))