Wednesday, December 24, 2014

For your Christmas listening pleasure.

For the second year in a row we wanted to give you an audio gift to celebrate Christmas. Please accept this as gift of love from us to you.

And I hope you don't mind revisiting last year's effort.

Merry Christmas to you from us.


  1. Merry Christmas dearest Fay and Matt! You are both such a blessing all year round.

  2. Never have been able to find the full "Charlie Brown Christmas" online, but here is the pertinent part, if someone would like to turn it into a real link;

    1. My roommate in college was Jewish, as were about a third of the brothers in our frat. The theme from "Charlie Brown Christmas" was our interfaith holiday celebration music.

  3. Thank you, Matt and Fay, for the lovely "card", and for your friendship.

    The image of the Magi is touching - my mother had a crèche, and the Magi were carved in the same style.

  4. Listerning to the Gift of the Magi never gets old. Thanks for posting it, Matt, and I hope you and Fay had a wonderful Christmas.