Monday, August 11, 2014

The 'Faulty Intelligence" Is Inside Obama's Head

Claims coming from the Oval Office about the US not responding to ISIS due to faulty intelligence, are at the same level of reality as the earlier claim from 0bama that, with the death of Bin Laden, terrorists were down to "JV"s and wannabes.

Perhaps he should have listened to this man more closely, rather than forcing him out for not toeing the party line about the world's crises.

Breaking Defense, the departure of Jerry Flynn

The money quote, for me, was this:

"We saw all this connective tissue developing between these [proliferating] terrorist groups.  So when asked if the terrorists were on the run, we couldn’t respond with any answer but ‘no.’ When asked if the terrorists were defeated, we had to say ‘no.’ Anyone who answers ‘yes’ to either of those questions either doesn’t know what they are talking about, they are misinformed, or they are flat out  lying."

At this point, I think it is both, with this administration.


  1. Great title Dances.

    The quote you excerpted is perfect too - and perfectly predictable.

    I'm all for freeing all the Gitmo prisoners. Seriously.

    Just as soon as Al Qaida... you know... surrenders unconditionally.

    Which will be never. They call it the Long War for a reason.

  2. Maybe if Obama went to/paid more attention to his intelligence briefings.

  3. Dances, I think he's so out of his depth that he is calling it all in and can't wait for Jan. 2017.

    There is no leadership. None. It seems to be all about his ego and legacy and campaigning.