Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hidden Truth In Benghazi?

I've been watching, ever since the brutal murders of our ambassador and 3 others, the slowly unpeeling onion of lies and politicization of this disaster.

Blaming it on a barely-seen video, when there was information available within two hours of the initiation of the assault, that it was Al-Queda (or at least a surrogate for AQ) connected, must be the most disgustingly hypocritical thing I've seen since LBJ.

Knowing that the military and CIA both received stand-down orders, and that the last two who died were only there because they could not in good conscience allow other Americans to be murdered and do nothing, and so disobeyed those orders.

Knowing that these two brave men were still alive, desperate for help, more than 6 hours into the attack, and that they were left to be killed by our supposed Commander-In-Chief, and all those under him, makes me physically nauseous.

Now I see on FOX news that, despite his insistence to the contrary, there is information that 0bama was in the Situation Room watching, and then went to bed after giving an order for no rescue to be attempted.

And, in Canada Free Press, comes Hidden Truths In Benghazi, a story that tries to explain just what happened and why.

If the Free Press reporters are correct, we are on the edge of WWIII, based on an unholy desire on the part of extreme fools in the US Governement to widen our support of the Arab Spring into Syria, knowing full well that there too, it will lead to a government of Jihadists, by jihadists, for the 'restoration' of the islamic Caliphate.

I hope and pray that they are wrong.


  1. Certainly unpalatable food for thought, Dances. However, I cannot help but think that if, no, when the right person is elected President in a little over a week that things will start to stabilize.

    There is a reason that most of the world wants to see Obama re-elected. They want to see a weak United States. They don't, however, realize the danger if the United States is weakened. They know Obama is an empty suit at best, a plant at worst.

    I notice there has not been much activity on the Table recently. I wonder if we are all just waiting for the either the storm to hit or the skies to clear. That also reminds me: look at the recent campaign fiascos of Obama. Did they really think it was a good idea to run that "voting for Obama is like losing your virginity" ad? Is the campaign that incompetent, or has Obama lived out his usefulness and his handlers think it would be better if he loses?

  2. Matt, in my case, I come here every day (in fact, this is my home page) but a combination of being crazy-busy, and pretty much depressed (until the last few days) about the world and politics, etc. I have just not had much to say.

    If you look at the stats on the Dashboard page, you will see that we are still getting an average of about 450 hits per day.

    1. I check in every day as well. I feel very hopeful and encouraged by the latest Gallup poll today that showed Romney up 7 in early voting.

      Barky and Malarkey out in 8 days.

  3. Oh, I check in every day as well. But there have not been many posts or comments. It is almost as if we are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  4. I've been crazy-busy too..and I feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for the election and the results.

    Whatever happens, our lives are about to be profoundly changed.

    It's possible that Romney will win the popular vote, and the Coward-In-Chief will win the electoral college. Chaos.

    If Romney wins, the unholy welfare/union bunch have said they will riot and burn.

    If Obama wins, I foresee like-minded people gathering into states like Texas, and battening down the hatches.

    I'm praying, and praying with all my heart, that Romney wins in the biggest landslide in US history.

    1. I've had a busy time of it as well.

      And also I just find myself without much to say right now - the linked piece is some very interesting speculation, but I doubt the author of it would himself characterize his piece as anything other than informed conjecture.

      I've tried hard not to allow myself to be undone by conjecture lately, however well informed. What we know for sure about Bengazi is ugly enough.

      One general theme from the linked article that I find somewhat compelling - there is a wider war going on with Russia. I don't know what things going on in the world are part of it and what things aren't - sometimes a cigar is just a cigar - but it stands to reason that there is a twilight struggle which we aren't aware of all aspects of.

  5. I have seen that about Obama losing the popular vote and winning the electoral college. Pure acid trip. Unskewed Polls ( shows Romney winning 301 to 237, and they have a history of accurately predicting Presidential elections.

    And yes, the left is threatening riots and the like. I hope they realize that the right has had it with their temper tantrums, and I don't think people are going sit sit idly by while they stomp their feet. I don't think the American people are going to stand for it. They are going to be in for a shock when people fight back. The right is not going to listen to any order to stand down on this one. We are very close to losing the country because people have meekly stood on the sidelines while OWS types destroy our cites, and NBBP "monitor" elections. The country is at the edge and people realize it is time to fight back.

  6. Off-topic, but.

    The wind is gusting hard, the rain is falling in sheets, and Sandy is not even in PA yet.

    Best wishes to all who are in the path of this storm.

  7. Most definitely, Dances. Fay was going to fly to Toronto tomorrow but that was canceled.

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