Friday, July 27, 2012

Hooray for Brian Williams. No, the other one.

Update: Here is the video:

We in Canada were able to watch the Olympic Open Ceremony live. I know, novel concept.

When the Israeli team entered the stadium during the ceremony, CTV commentator Brian Williams had this to say:

"As Israel prepares to enter, my position is well known. It is one that I have taken at previous Olympics. It is wrong that the IOC refuses to have a minute's silence for Israeli athletes that were slaughtered in Munich.
"It is a much bigger issue this year, as it's the 40th anniversary of Munich. Members of the Canadian government, yesterday, our Governor General, all calling for a moment's silence. Dr Rogge (Jacques Rogge, President of the IOC) says the ceremony is not the place to remember a tragic event, but, uh, it's tragic, however, it's one of the most significant and world changing events in Olympic history. It absolutely should have been done here. The IOC worries about politics. This event is political by its very nature."
When Williams was done, his co-host, Lisa LaFlamme, didn't endorse or decry his comments, but added to the narrative by telling viewers of one of the widows of  a victim of the terrible 1972 massacre, who spoke out on Thursday about just this issue of honour and Remembrance.
Immediately following that, Williams finished the conversation by saying:
"And remember, they died as Olympians."

Later when the American team entered, the subject of Mitt Romney came up. Williams said how his "gaffe" was taken out of context and that the British were being mighty thin-skinned. He said that the British managed to badmouth the Vancouver and just about every other Olympic games  but got their knickers in a knot when someone criticized them. William pointed out that Romney was specifically talking about security. When William's co-host said she disagreed, Williams said that Romney was the one who saved the Salt Lake City games and was in London as a guest of the Olympics, not as a Presidential candidate.

Kudos to Mr. Williams and CTV for having the guts to tell what traditionally would have been called the truth.

As a side note, the opening Ceremony was probably the best one I recall seeing in many years. It did a wonderful representation of the history of Britain.


  1. We in the US are just in the midst of watching the opening ceremonies. I haven't heard any commentary, of any significance at all, yet. I can only hope to hear a hint of what Brian Williams said.

  2. I must disagree, however, on the opening ceremony itself. It seems to me as if they asked 200 people what to include, and instead of picking the best two or three ideas, they decided to just go with everything.

    Perhaps we're getting a different version of the ceremony here in the states.

    1. I have just gotten tired of the latest techno-pop dance move to flashing lights that have become the norm (but will come up later). This looked refreshing.

  3. Can we trade our Brian Williams for your Brian Williams? I'll even throw in Chuck Todd! ;)

    We've been watching the opening ceremonies too, and enjoying most of it.

  4. Brian Williams made me sooooo proud.

    And Danny Boyle's opening ceremony was brilliant! The four childrens choirs from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales singing traditional songs was absolutely lovely.

    I must admit that I thought the NHS stuff was a bit odd but I have a soft spot in my heart for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children as that is where I had an operation to fix my "lazy" eye when I was five. Princess Anne was in the hospital at the same time and I remember we were allowed to stand at the window to watch and wave when the Queen and Prince Phillip came to visit their daughter.

  5. I'm so bothered by a lack of Olympic coverage here. Also, the Internet here is too slow to watch it on YouTube.

    But such is the fate of being in a poor 3rd World country - the IOC cares more about $$ than the athletics, and countries like this that can't afford their royalty payments don't get to watch.

    Bravo to Brian Williams for this.

  6. IOC has already blocked the video.

    The Olympics belong to everyone - all the images and video, however, belong to the IOC. It seems.

    This is what world government will look like. It's moments like this that I find people like Alex Jones just incrementally less crazy.

    1. When the CBC broadcast the Olympics, they would not even let other broadcasters use any video in sports casts. All they could do was verbally give results and perhaps use photos.

  7. "As a side note, the opening Ceremony was probably the best one I recall seeing in many years. It did a wonderful representation of the history of Britain."

    We most certainly must have been watching different opening ceremonies. Anything I might say further would be insulting. So I'll just skip it. And watch the games as they're played.

  8. Good on Williams- I was not aware that he had this level of thought capacity and political acuity.

    I continue to hope that the Berger family (David Berger being a US citizen) brings on a wrongful death suit in a NY court against the PA- sue Abbas and every other living PA apparatchik personally for, say, a billion dollars. Also implead the PA, the PLO, and every other "front group". Cripple these Jew-hating medievalists through lawfare by executing the judgment against every "Palestinian" asset on Planet Earth.