Monday, May 28, 2012

Paris on Memorial Day

Today, your grateful correspondent finds himself back in his beloved Paris.  Well, it's not exactly my beloved Paris, as Paris has not been spared the current fate of the other great Western cities, but, still, it is Paris.

A long time ago, in another world, an American named Ernest was having a final drink at his favorite watering hole in this lovely town before fleeing from an invading army.  He knew it was time to go when he saw two German soldiers on a motorcycle at the end of the Rue Daunou. 

That watering hole?

Harry's New York Bar, of course.

Harry's is...well, it's my absolute favorite spot on Earth.  There is no place I would rather be.  It's the perfect Bar Americain in Paris, serving up whiskey in the evening and Bloody Marys in the morning.  Following a long tradition, dating from when Americans would await the latest from the American Express office just down the street, the U.S. election night is celebrated here.  One of the (few) pleasures at being posted at Embassy Paris is to celebrate a U.S. national election here, as the states are reported and colored in on a big chalkboard over the main bar.

On the walls hang penants from Americans long past (including Oregon! Go Ducks!), while your waiters in perfectly white linen coats take your orders.

A night at Harry's isn't cheap.  Bring your Euros by the truckload....but, damn, if the world ain't perfect at this moment, with jazz, good company, fine whiskey, and good conversation in English, at Harry's.

God bless those who fought to keep our world thus.


  1. I'd love to sip a whiskey at Harry's someday (if there is anything left of Paris by then).

    Thanks for the lovely post Jourdan.

  2. I am open to suggestions for where we could have our Kitchen Table Conference. Harry's sounds good, but maybe a mite expensive. But hey, I'm game. Looks like one of those things one has to experience.

  3. Yo dawg! Paris! Nice... (no! Paris!... wiseguy I meant niiiice... not "neeece". - ed).

    You'll have to fill us in on the going's on about the continent. The frankenreich is in a bit of a pickle these days.