Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Must Read from Walter Williams

Walter Williams is a professor of economics. He has filled in for Rush on many occasions (he and Mark Steyn are my favorite fill-in hosts).

Williams has a column that is well worth reading. If only people would listen to the likes of Professor Williams.


  1. This is an excellent column Matt. This is what I meant by "throwing off the yoke"; blacks (and others) have allowed the liberal elite powerbrokers to dictate their condition. White liberal elitists could care less about young black male mortality/incarceration, or the systemic slaughter of black babies by Planned Parenthood, or the horrific conditions of housing projects/warehouses.

    To keep power, the progressives/liberals must keep voting blocs like inner-city Americans of African descent at an elementary school reading level and dependent on gov't largesse for a roof over their heads and a meal on the table. Heaven forbid we "win" the war on drugs; then what? Clear-headed citizens are more likely to rise up, to educate themselves, to roll up their sleeves and work hard, to actually THINK for themselves. The libs would be out on their fat asses within one election cycle.

    Frederick Douglass, where are you when we need you?

  2. The Trayvon Martin case was hyped by the media by the media and professional racebaiters (inclusing unfortunately 'our president') purely as another way to divie the races in time to lead to massive violence during the election run-up.

    Sound paranoid? Maybe so.

  3. It's not paranoid. I agree with you completely DWT.

    The TM bullcranky has died down now that it's known that Zimmerman isn't 100% "white". Hispanic? A black great grandfather? Ruh roh.

    Good grief.

    I really despise the race-baiters. They do it for their own gain and profit. They are nothing short of EVIL.

  4. Here is yet more liberal, race-baiting, elitist crapola, this time from the editorial board of The Oregonian. Have a barf bag handy. You'll need it.

  5. Mr. Williams is a refreshing breath of fresh air. We need more like him to tell it like it is.

    Matt, my 2 favorite subs for Rush are also Mark *swoon* and Dr. Williams.

  6. Hope you don't mind, I think this thread is a good place to post the following:


  7. I don't usually like it when hecklers or protesters interrupt a gathering but I have to say I was rooting for the Romney supporters that did that to Axelrod and his minions in Boston today.

    How refreshing to see some republicans/conservatives turning the tables on the libs and using one of their favorite tactics :-) Axelrod and co. was not amused, lol.