Friday, December 2, 2011

Obama Condemns Attack on English Embassy....

then corrects himself and condemns attack on the United Kingdom Embassy in Iran.

Oh yeah, but Bush is the idiot.

From the Daily Mail


  1. Well, they *do* speak English there...


  2. No question, there is a massive double standard at work. Extemporaneously, and without TOTUS, Obama sounds like a gibbering idiot- "garbled" best describes what comes forth.

  3. Earl is right; he DOES sound like a gibbering idiot when his comments aren't scripted and presented, line by line, for him to read.

    Some intellectual. Being able to read doesn't make you smarter than everyone else in the room.

  4. Is there an English consulate in any of the 51st through 57th states?

  5. Or in the Asian Republic of Hawaii?

  6. WTH is the FLOTUS wearing on her bottom half? gaga's handoffs? rhiannas rejects? WTF?

  7. I really hate these types of attacks on the Commander and Chief. He might have just messed up his wording. Bachmann really screwed up with "I would close the US embassy in Iran.' i cringed.

    I don't think conservatives have learned that the MSM doesn't like you. If Bush did half of the things Pres. super intelligent Nobel winner he'd still get shat upon. And for good reason. 2005 - and on Bush sucked.

  8. Lots of conservatives gave Bush well deserved crap for the stupid things he did. But why is it that Dan Quayle got headlines for
    "potatoe" but Obama makes gaffe after gaffe after gaffe, but the MSM says nothing and all of a sudden we are supposed to respect the office?

    I'll tell you what, I'll respect the office (as he holds it) when Obama does. If he makes a mockery of it, why shouldn't I say so? Perhaps it is because he makes a mockery of it that makes me want to want to mock him. He's the one who said "English Embassy," not I. He's the one who said "57 states," not I. But he is the one who is presented as the most intelligent human ever to hold the office of POTUS and I should bow down to allah every day to give thinks for Obama's presence. The man is a disgrace, his policies have been a disaster.

    He bows down before middle-eastern despots, and guess what -- they are burning his image in effigy as well. That is his doing, not mine. Why is it wrong for me to say that the emperor has no clothes?

  9. Matt,

    Give him some leeway. He's focusing like a lazer to get jobs!

    After his briefing at 930am. Then the building tour, the the speech chat 2:30.

    Presidentan' is hard!

    I can't wait until he is gone,but I fear for Nov. 1/12 thru 1/13/11 is the nightmare time.

  10. RWC, I think conservatives know very well what the great majority of the MSM thinks.

    And yes, I'm a partisan. I could excuse many of Obama's gaffes if I hadn't had to listen to the most crude and ugly attacks on GWB for 8 years. I guess you could say it did away with my better instinct to take the high road.

    Since the great majority of the MSM won't write about his gaffes, I'm happy to do so.

    Like Matt said, BO fails to bring respect to the office so it's difficult to show him much respect. For me, it started his first week in office when he turned down the Brits generous offer to keep the bust of Churchill in the Oval Office for his 4-year term. It went downhill from there.

  11. I can understand making gaffes when speak extemporaneously, if the man spoke extemporaneously a fair amount of the time. But considering that Obama can't even give directions to the men's room without the TOTUS, then no -- I am not going to give him slack. That tells me he is a cheap imitation.

    Dems gave George Bush crap when he did not jump up in shock on September 11 and continued to calmly read to the students until he had more information. They never did mention how a group of Democratic Senators (including their 2004 candidate, John Kerry) were so shock they couldn't even speak for 45 minutes. Which displays the ability to think under pressure?

    What's to be afraid of for the period between November 2012 and January 2013? Will Obama start ruling by Executive Fiat, er, Order? And look at the Dems, they want Obama to bypass Congress. Can you imagine if Bush had even suggested doing such a thing?

    I should give Obama leeway because of respect for the office? I should respect someone driving us towards the cliff because I should respect the bus driver? I can understand refraining from ad-hominum attacks. But generally speaking (there may be exceptions), comments made about Obama directly relate to statements he has made or actions he has taken.

    And are we supposed to not point those things out because we respect the office? So what, he can continue to be portrayed as the most brilliant person ever to hold the office; so his backers can continue to package him just as they did in 2008 and get him elected again? Bush has not been President for almost three years, yet the Dems are still blaming him for current problems.

  12. florrie and Matt,

    I hope you didn't take me seriously when I said give him some slack.

    Give it to President Genius every chance you get, Lord knows the MSM won't. I want him to feel like he's been through Key San and needs a corpse man from one of the 57 states, even the asian island of Hawaii.

  13. Ah, I couldn't quite tell. Usually I sense an implied "/sarcasm" or an obviously over-the-top clue that you weren't being serious. I did not see either one. In fact, your comments looked like things that I read elsewhere in support of Obama.

    I couldn't help but wonder "Where is RWC and what have you done with him?"

  14. Guess who is off to an Asian holiday ... er, Hawaiian vacation? Vacations r' Us or Spurious Travel z' Us dude again vacates Washington.


    Maybe it's good for the rest of us? Maybe he can do less damage out there> I mean since he's already quashed thousands of jobs vis a vis the Keystone Pipeline and Ohio Oil Shale and Coal. What's left to do, eh?

  15. I think maybe they had to reseed his DC golf course, so he is traveling out of the country.

  16. I think maybe they had to reseed his DC golf course, so he is traveling out of the country.

    Plus, I hear a home decorating store in Honolulu is having a sale on drapes, and Mooch needs a new outfit. ;))

  17. WTH is the FLOTUS wearing on her bottom half? gaga's handoffs? rhiannas rejects? WTF?

    It looks like her white slacks had an accident with a can of Dr. Pepper. GAH.

    I hope their daughters grow up to be flannel-wearing libertarians. :D