Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Chicago Tribune Does Some Light Digging...

...into the woman who is currently accusing Cain of sexual assault. No surprises. Seems she a bit of a liar, a thief, and a user. I hope Cain sues her for every dime she has and every penny she ever will have.

Isn't it interesting that the "accuser" is a blond white woman? Yeah. It's also interesting (in an "oh, puke!" kind of way) that bottom-feeder Gloria Allred has inserted herself into the muck.

Hang tough, Mr. Cain!


  1. Hmmmm. Bankruptcy twice. Charged an old boyfriend with harassment. Seems to fit into a pattern here, doesn't it.

    The worse thing they could find about Paula Jones is that her boyfriend took nude photos of her -- and, if you recall, when she tried to block publication of those photos she was turned down because she was a public figure. She was a public figure because she was accusing a high-profile person. However, the women accusing Cain don't, for the most part, even have to come forward publicly.

    Maybe I am being optimistic, but it seems that the public is getting tired of this stuff. The left is going to the well once too often.

  2. This whole Bailek affair is crap. Too many very carefully parsed words in the accusations. Literally no possibility to be proven, yet difficult to suppress due to the publicity factor...professionally managed to boot.


    This lady sure looks like she's having a bit too much fun, somehow getting all this from her home in Chicago (hello?) to LA and Ms Aldred?


    The ugly side of it is simpler than all the pundit story gnashing indicates ...

    No doubt in my military mind that it is imply this:

    Accuse a very black man of lusting after a white woman, even a chubby twit white woman.

    Does a couple things:

    1. Tends to lower black audience positive perceptions of Cain, especially among black women.

    2. Tries to rile up southern white voters, who the left believes are still stuck on Jim Crow et al., especially if they're Republican.

    It has been very carefully staged I assure you. The motivation is to divide, period.

    Now who would want that, eh?

  3. Good analysis, Aridog.

    I saw this coming a mile away. Can't have a credible black candidate who might actually challenge the JEM, now can we?

    And as a side note, I was just reading an article on Drudge about shyte weapons parts. Can someone tell me why the hell we are buying weapons parts from CHINA?!?

  4. That picture is scaring me.

  5. You know, this whole thing just stinks. I certainly wouldn't condone such loutish behavior if it was true, but have we really become such fragile flowers that we have an attack of the vapors if we hear that a married man made a pass at a woman (and even by her story conducted himself honorably when rebuffed)?!?

    I'm far from a libertine, but I'm not all that surprised by human nature either. And as a woman married to a personable man with a gift of gab who has regular interaction with lots of people, I read the things they're alleging that make Cain's behavior "suspicious" with rather different eyes - "Ooo - he used "lovely" to describe a women he was going to invite to dinner to have further discussion on some business things they'd been talking about!" Dude, really? I tremble to think what would have happened if he'd said that the color she was wearing really suited her!

    In this climate, any man who is alone with any woman for any length of time for any reason is a fool.

    In the bad old days, it was a woman who had to worry about her reputation if she was with a man and unsuitably unchaperoned. Now, even perfectly innocent things can get twisted and turned and ruin a decent men.

  6. Cain just gave a great presser.

  7. Very good post, Lyana. I totally agree with what you say.

  8. Very good points, Lyana.

    Aside from the allegations here (whether true or not), there is a huge problem with the ease at which sexual misconduct assertions are thrown about.

    When it comes to actual sexual misconduct, you will find me judgmental and unforgiving. The problem is that, in a society in which sexual misconduct is an instant game-changer, we have to depend on the morals of the people reporting the incident in the first place. We have to count on the fact that they will use this power that they are given only if there has indeed been sexual misconduct. And there's the problem.

    I think anyone I know would be rightly horrified and call for the maximum penalties for a victim of rape. Ditto for someone subjected to sexual harassment - which includes unwanted and repeated sexual advances.

    I think many of us also know people who were victims of sexual misconduct or assault and were so humiliated and/or terrified by the experience that they never reported it and have to be drawn out to speak of the matter.

    And then there are the opportunists. Crystal Mangum, anyone? And she's merely the most visible example.

    I wish there was a practical way to discourage false, malicious, and exaggerated claims. At some point, we're going to have to figure one out. Not only does the current system ruin the lives of (mainly men) who are at the mercy of women with a grudge, it creates a backlash against true victims of sexual predators. It is unforgivable.

  9. Ah, yes ... good ole Crystal Mangum ... the never ending story.

    Perchance Ms Bailek's boyfriend might want to think about his fiance'a bit more ... just in case there's another parallel.

    I stand by my opinion .... "race baiting", in either direction, is still a growth business ... and is always planned, never coincidental.

  10. In this climate, any man who is alone with any woman for any length of time for any reason is a fool.

    Billy Graham would never be alone with a woman for that very reason. He would always have a third person in the room.

  11. Matt, my husband would never drive the babysitter home. If I were unable to do it for some reason, he would take all the children with him.

  12. Isn't it pathetic that our men have to have a "witness" just to protect themselves from false allegations?

    I thought of Mangum too, Aridog, although I had no idea of her name. I mainly thought that - although the charges were indeed false - it ruined those young men's time at Duke and beyond. Nothing can bring that back.

  13. Excellent Lyana and right on the money.

  14. I want to know who is Politico's source/sources.

  15. Were it true, which I doubt, I just wish Cain had had better taste.

  16. Matt, Billy Graham is a wise man. I wish more people lived that way.

    afw, we do the "wife drives the babysitter home" thing too. When hubbie has a meeting, I know who he's with, where they'll be, and how long it's supposed to take. We have ongoing conversations about who he's meeting with, and I'll flag for him women I think might be problematic. He's been dealing with so many unstable women recently that I've been going with him to meetings (even if conducted in public places). It's crazy - all it takes is one allegation and he could be destroyed. I'm not going to live in fear, but I'm not going to give anybody ammunition either... Sad day and age we live in.

    As for people thinking Cain should be able to find records from 14 years ago - good luck! Last I heard, industry practice tends to be shredding pretty much everything beyond 7 years.

  17. Aridog, your analysis is spot on, but that photo made me shriek in terror. Egads!

    Lyana, very well-said. And you're right; this whole thing DOES stink.