Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Heart Old Iron!

A Different Approach:

I read an article recently that discussed some field trip that took place involving the black student body of an elementary school visiting a black rocket scientist. I have no idea what the discussion syllabus was, but apparently this has sparked some huge debate about inequality in that school, with the interesting disparage being that there was an inequality of treatment between the blacks and the other groups that attend the school.

Read it all, and bring a big spoon.  It's chock-full of yummy awesomeness!


  1. I wonder if this principal will also scedule a trip to some of the black students homes, so he can show them that they should not listen when others tell them that doing well in school is 'acting white'?

    It is much less about racism, any longer, than it is about a culture (and I use the term with no undertone of being cultured) that celebrates crime, violence, disrespect for achievement and victimhood

  2. I read this at OI's blog and thought it deserved a wider audience as well. Well done lady red for re-posting it here.

  3. Hey, thanks guys. As you read issues like this kind of set me off like a top with bottle rockets strapped to it. I appreciate the cross post as well, and as long as you guys read my drivel I'll keep writing it!

    Cheers all!

  4. OI, not sure that being posted here actually means reaching a wider audience, unless of course, you are counting my size, sigh.

  5. Well, maybe not wider Dances but we do have an audience that is larger than the number of comments.

    Lots of people check in every day to read us without leaving comments.

    Yes, we can see you...

    And we are happy you are here.