Thursday, April 1, 2010

Say What?

This would make a great April Fools Day joke. Problem is, it's true.
Presumably, when you're the head guy of a major fleet for a big-time navy, you've got plenty of other ways of filling your time other than reassuring congressmen on whether miscellaneous land masses are likely to tip over and sink.


  1. I've seen this several times, and no matter how often I see it, my reaction is, "Seriously? No, really. Really? Um, seriously?"

  2. Same reaction here afw!

    I loved the comment on You Tube that said something like: "I'm worried that if more people move to the northern US the country will tilt downwards and we'll all end up in Mexico"


  3. But...but...if the country tilts from an upward (northern) migration, wouldn't we end up in Canada? Which would be okay since Canadians aren't really using much of it anyways.

  4. Dang, I know Fay, I just found it because I saw what KC wrote in the comment bar! Well shoot - guess we'll just have to have us another party!
    What's today....Maundy Thursday, right? Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday (which I used to mispronounce "Monday Thursday") and then Good Friday.
    Maundy Partay. :OD

  5. AFW...the dude is a hack lawyer. Short of some seriously debilitating ailment causing his stupor, my guess is he thought he was being very clever with a metaphor. Dealing with untutored military troglodytes is tiring you know. They soooo stuupiddddd ya' know!

  6. Ari - that's the statement I've heard his people give; he claims he was referring to the environment.

    Possibly. But he sounds like a blithering idiot. I'm sure he's blaming it on someone else instead of stepping up like a man.

    Because, frankly from what I've seen you can't enter the halls of Congress unless you check your testicles and your man-card at the door.

    It's the only explanation.

  7. AFW...his "People" inferred that he had to talk down to military people?

    Whatever the schmuck was trying to say, his hand gestures definitley implied physically "tipping over." He is not handy with metaphors. Fact is, he was "testifying" then demanding affirmation by yes or no.

    Very similar to the old canard "Have you ceased beating your wife and children?" The Navy man was quicker on his feet and answered with a deflection "We don't anticipate that." Mumble mouth didn't get it.

  8. He can't be stupid if he passed the bar, right? I wonder what he was trying to say. Is the island resting on a thin column of coral, which might break and tip part of the land mass into the ocean?

    Where did he get his information? From the same scientific fakers who gave us global warming?

    Is he delusional? Was he trying to be funny? Clever? I don't know Hank's intention, but the Navy guy speared him with a toothpick and ate him as an hors d'oeuvre. Burp.

    Epic FAIL.

  9. Lady Red....he passed the, maybe. Or some one took the exam for him. Detroit's ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick allegedly passed his bar exam...a feat I do not believe for a moment. He's dumb as a sack of hammers, cunning is his only asset, beside a pathological ability to bullshit.

    If he's not really a moron, I'd say he was trying to talk down to the military using a cute, but spurious, metaphor. I've dealt with people like him frequently in my life, they think they know all about you, but you know nothing about them. A military man or woman is probably the least likely to fall in to that trap given they real world they operate in themselves. So at best, he was guilty of the stupidity of conciet.

  10. Aridog - his "people" indeed released that he was referring to the island's ecosystem.

    He's an asshole. And he's not even a clever asshole.

  11. AFW....agreed. I think I am also sticking with his "talking down" to the military...his infantile hand gestures just can't be ignored. They were intentional. Combined with facial expression and body language, they were of the kind one might use to talk to a 3 year old.

    He's allegedly a Buddhist, quite unlike any I've known...e.g., modest,...he reminded me of the TV Shao Lin master talking to "Grasshopper" in the TV show "Kung Fu." I'm quite sure he's a legend of brilliance in his own mind. Props to the Navy Admiral...I'd have slapped the bitch boy.