Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Desperate Victims Of Global Warming

A late spring Snowstorm dumps up to twenty-four inches on New York & the New England States.

Inquiring minds want to know - Where was Al Gore?


  1. Al Gore is busy buying up shares of the CCX.


  2. Lady Red - I am currently reading a book titled 'Do As I Say (Not As I Do)' about the hypocrisy of the biggest leftist icons.

    Hmm, interesting to know that, while calling the Pentagon the most evil institution in modern history, Noam Chumpsky was being paid millions by that same organization, or that Mikey Moore, while simpering that he owned 'not one share of stock' was taking Capital Gains on Halliburton (fer Gossakes).

    I knew, pretty much, just how vile liars populated the left-wing, but it is far worse to see it on paper.

    Why, it is almost as though one cannot trust people such as Ralph Nader, George Soros, Barbra Streisand, et al.

  3. Moore owns shares in Halliburton? LMAO!

  4. Donno why it's happening, but lately every time I open or refresh TCKT I get a malware warning ref: DSN


  5. Aridog, I just googled and it belongs to

    I wonder if that's where monkeyweather got the Obama countdown clock? Could your security system be identifying it as malware?

  6. Lady Red...yep, I went to their site and it triggered the warning immediately. It may not be the main content of the site, but a parasite or passive advert link, whatever...I didn't stay long enough to check it all out.

  7. When I was in college in Ithaca NY, it was always the second blizzard after spring break that would just about send me over the edge. That would be this one, pro'lly. Good to see the tradition continues.

    The weather will become beautiful now - right in time to study for finals. Study hard, kiddehs!


    I went to the countdownr site and got no malware warnings on either Firefox or Safari. Not all sites that trigger warnings are scam sites; any sufficiently clever application of javascript will look like an attack... ;)

  8. Lewy....I get the warnings in Opera and IE. They are triggered by software called "Malwarebytes"...independent of the browser in use as far as I know. The text of the "warning" says that a potential malware has been blocked, and cites the DSN.

    That software was instrumental in defeating a serious Trojan infection by "Windows Anti-Virus Pro" and one of its clones....on two of our computers here. It's a particularly tricky bit of malicious ware that is a pain in the arse to defeat....and from what I've experienced comes in as a parasite on other content, usually through 3rd party advertisement links.

    I'm not inclined to give it up given my experience, and I do find it handy to identify a source and be able to check it out. If it detects a primary threat it blocks opening a site entirely and quarantines the malware.

  9. Aridog, I have malwarebytes too, but nothing happened when I got that countdown clock?!

  10. Does the countdown clock show up here on TCKT? If so, it doesn't for me.

    Are you using the "free" manual version of Malwarwebytes? I am using the one time fee paid version which updates daily automatically, etc.

  11. Aridog, I have removed the Obama countdown clock widget from mw's post for now. Can you please log in to TCKT again and tell me if you still have the same malware messages.


  12. Fay...the malware warning is gone now.

    The clock was never showing up for me here because the software was blocking it.

  13. Fay...I didn't mean to mess up MW's clock. If others have no problem with it, I can deal with it...I get a warning and it clips out the clock for me.

    My only concern was that there might be one of those "passive" Trojans hiding attached to the clock site, not proffered by them. The usual pathway is via 3rd party advertiser outfits. Newspapers on line, for example, "Teh Suck."

  14. No problem Aridog. Lady Red and I agreed that it was better to remove it in case the warning showed up for others who don't know us as well as you do :0)