Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tommy Robinson

Ezra Levant, at the request of TR himself, travelled to London to report on Tommy's appeal which was presented in court today.  We chipped in to help get Ezra to the UK.

Here are his video reports.

Sounds encouraging so far.


  1. I'll believe that he can win when he has won. Not a second before.

    Just as Mueller is going to give the Podestas immunity in order to get Manafort. That is like letting the bank robbers go free because they will testify against the jay walker.

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  3. Was that a lefty troll? ^^^

    It's great that you two contributed to his cause. It makes me sick that the once-great UK would do this to an honest reporter. I pray he stays safe, I've read that his life is in peril in jail.

    1. Yes florrie, he is in immense danger in jail. He is locked up with the same muslim gangs he is trying to report about. Plus he is being denied privileges and rights that other prisoners are guaranteed.

      I hate what Britain has become.

  4. Seems there could be a decision as early as next week?