Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Usual Suspects

I don't know how it is now, but in the past radio stations were expected to spend a certain amount of their time playing programs that were in the public interest. That's why radio stations would have public affairs programs early on Sunday mornings and late on Sunday evenings. Religious programs also fit into that category.

Back when I was a young lad and working in radio, one syndicated program was called Rock and Religion, or something to that effect.

I had known that show for a few years. One day, we received a promotional record (many programs were syndicated on vinyl back in the day -- including Casey Kasem's American Top 40) from the producers saying that they were going to revamp the show and change the name. My program director wanted me to listen to the record with her to get my feedback.

At one point during the show, the announcer said "And we will have more than just Christian artists. We will also have popular music artists as well."

At that point I interjected, "...such as Roger McGuinn, Barry McGuire, and Leon Patillo -- formerly of Santana."

Then the record continued,  "...such as Roger McGuinn, Barry McGuire, and Leon Patillo -- formerly of Santana."

The program director looked at me with amazement. If California had a lotto game back then, she would have asked me for the next week's winning numbers.

"How did you know that?" she asked incredulously.

"Because whenever they have a popular music artist, it is always Roger McGuinn, Barry McGuire, or Leon Patillo -- formerly of Santana."

I remembered this after hearing some of the news stories of the past few days. How many times have you heard recently a news story that said, "Even some Republicans are critical of President Trump."

After you hear that, you say to yourself, "Hmmmm, let me see. I don't suppose John McCain would be one of them, now would he?"

And Roger McGuinn, Barry McGuire, and Leon Patillo -- formerly of Santana, wondered how you knew that.


  1. ..McGuinn and McGuire just a gettin higher in LA you know where that's at

    And no one's getting fat except Mama Cass...

    Thanks Matt, I never knew who McGuinn and McGuire were in that Mama and Papas song although I've always loved it :)

  2. Nice analogy Matt. Talking points are talking points for people who are unwilling or unable to think for themselves. Lots of that going around lately.