Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Boots On The Ground

As we deplorable bitter-clingers welcome the new year, bright and shiny, full of promises, we are yet weighted with the knowledge that the work of resetting our nation’s direction has just begun. We’ve taken a breather since the election, regaining the feeling in our hands and feet and brains after the stunning and shocking beatdown of the leviathan global machine on the left and the castrated, bleating traitors on the progressive right. I don’t think any of us actually believed we would win, and now we’re mentally reassessing from our entrenched defensive positions. We’ve spent years mapping out our fighting strategies and preparing for full-blown civil war. We’ve stocked our ammo and our provisions, ready to engage the enemy in a merciless battle for the soul of our nation and the honor of our ancestors. We were ready to fight for the very existence of our Western culture. But then, we won the election. 

What now? 

We deserve to catch our breath. The past eight years, and longer, have been brutal for true Americans, for patriots, for conservatives, for blue-dog democrats. We’ve been kicked, slammed, ridiculed, and called every vile name that could pass the collective lips of the progressive hive. We’ve been accused, and slandered, and spit on, and mocked. We’ve been branded racists, and homophobes, and hillbillies, and crackers, and Uncle Toms by the left. We’ve been called druggies, and lazy, and mooches, and uneducated by the neocons. You would think we would be a ragtag, frayed, cowering bunch of whipped dogs by now, white/black/yellow/brown trash, directionless and hopeless. 

We’re not any of those things. And we’re stronger than ever. 

We can no longer care what they think. Ever again. They’re evil. They despise Judaism and Christianity because they themselves are rudderless and soulless, lost to God, hiding their faces from the Light. They are the enemy, and this is the epic battle of our time. 

Trump and his team will need help, and lots of it, if we’re going to turn this thing around. That’s where we come in. The time is past for kvetching and hand-wringing. We were prepared for action before the election; we must rewire our thinking and strategies for a different type of action now. We must be relentless. We must never stop. We must hammer the mentally twisted and morally sick social justice demons until they are wiped out of existence. 

There are a thousand ways to accomplish this. We must fully utilize all one thousand ways to be successful. 

This is an introduction to a year-long series of blog posts outlining specific actions that individuals can take to do their part in our fight for western civilization, and a new focus for TCKT. It’s my hope that each of you will contribute posts, will enthusiastically assist in fine tuning the ideas of others, and will complete the OODA loop with a singleness of purpose that will confuse and ultimately obliterate the globalists and their prancing ninnies. The strategy can be simple or complex. It can be a one-off or have many components and layers. And remember, the goal is not just to talk, but to DO.

It is also my hope that many other bloggers will participate, in their own way, on their own sites. Dozens of bloggers. Hundreds of bloggers. THOUSANDS of bloggers. We didn't need a leader to propel Trump into the White House, and we don't need one now. Our rifles (and our memes) will be behind every blade of grass.

Because I’ll tell you something.The cold and bloodless power brokers will regroup with a vengeance. We must be prepared. We must battle them with everything we can think of and destroy them. 

A toast to 2017: may God bless us, one and all. Now let's get busy.


  1. Lewy and I have done a bit of talking along these lines.

  2. And you know we'll need LOTS of good music, gardening posts, and travel pics to nurture our spirits! :)

  3. My massively valuable contribution so far: link

    1. :)) Lewy, you're too much!!! :))

      Yeah, I'm making popcorn. I used to really like her, but now it's like witnessing a bad car crash; you look away in horror, but yet still peek through your fingers. I'm not sure if I've seen anyone implode their career as spectacularly as Kelly.

      Perv on, dude. Perv on!

  4. I am sure I can help. I'll have to put on the old thinking cap, if I can just remember what I did with it.

    1. I know you'll come with good stuff Matt! You're very creative. :)

      I've purchased the latest Serif software. I'd like to start playing around with memes, plus a few other ideas knocking around in my noggin.

    2. And congratulations to you and Fay on the newest addition to your clan; he's cute as a button! :)

    3. Big sis was named after her maternal great grandmother. Little brother was named after his paternal great grand father.

      Tradition is a nice thing.