Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trump's Child Care Plan

Here is a good outline of DJT's proposal for child care/elder care.

My thoughts:

1. Holy crap, the last thing we need are more gov't programs! WTH???

2. Well, "poor" people already get "free" child care/elder care. Would this level the economic playing field for people who actually WORK for a living?

3. Would this encourage more working Americans to have more children? In turn, would this change the demographics of future elections?

4. I still despise tax "rebates". Filing taxes should not be an income stream. Period. It's wealth redistribution, and I'd like to see the EITC shitcanned.  However, that may be a battle for another day, and another administration, if we can get this runaway train turned around.

5. DCA's may be fine and dandy for the $250 thou crowd, but most working Americans are making   $50-70 thou, living paycheck to paycheck, and would not benefit from this at all.

6. How will paid maternity leave affect small businesses? Will they be exempt? It's already ridiculous that small businesses are required to pay both state and federal UE tax. And how can a small business possibly cover for an employee being absent for 6 weeks? This proposal is unrealistic for small businesses, IMO.

I have lots of questions, and his plan needs to be clarified.

I give it two thumbs down. However, I will still cast my vote for Trump because he's the only game in town. Hillary as president is not an option. We can elect a true conservative next time around (if we can find one).

That's my two cents, if it's even worth two cents. What do you all think?


  1. Well, I can't comment on US internal policy as I'm not American. All I can say is, DJT has allot of socialist sounding crap that I OPPOSE. But hey, I don't get a vote. But if I did I'd vote for him.


  2. Is the anointed one scheduled for an appearance on Thursday?

    1. Yes, her majesty is scheduled to speak in Greensboro. Or her body double is. Somebody is. Maybe they'll just prop up a cardboard cutout with a colostomy bag and call it good.

      The lefties don't care. They'd vote for a pile of reeking dogcrap if it had a "D" beside its name.

      The media don't care either. Cardboard cutout, pfft.NOT LOOKING! MY FINGERS ARE IN MY EARS! LALALALALA!

      They're hoisted so far up their own petard that their clawed little rat feet are kicking frantically. That's why the news casts only show them from the waist up.

  3. A new entitlement plan, he's fishing for indies and dems who can't stomach the thought of voting for HRC.

    1. FLORRIE!!!!

      /stampeding wildly and squealing like a girl...

      Florrie and lewy...I'm in heaven tonight! I've missed you both oodles!

    2. And yes, it's just one more entitlement plan. Pretty soon everyone will be gettin' the goodies except the cart-pullers.

      Oh wait...

    3. Thank you, lady red, I've missed you guys as well. I still can't stand Trump but after HRC's face plant on 9/11 (video is forever), we all know she must not get anywhere near the oval office.

    4. Unlike those in swing states, my vote is no big principled dilemma, I can simply vote down ballot. WA is solid blue no matter who I vote for.

  4. Aww, thanks, Fay. I missed you too!