Friday, July 15, 2016

Terror In France

Islam's war against civilization continues; this time it nearly killed our friend Alison and her son.  She shared this on FB a few minutes ago:
"The scene outside our front fucking door last night. The golden lit up building in the centre where the truck is finally stopped, riddled with bullets is the front of our block. The front is a hotel and at the back its apartments facing north. It's our home. Go ahead and tell me that this is work place violence, a lone wolf attack or an issue with gun legislation. Just go the fuck ahead."

Earlier in the evening she had posted this:
"We are safe. All the images you see are right where we live. The underpass is on the corner of our street. We live behind the Promenade facing the hills but the building is on the Promenade. We were being buzzed and didn't let people in because we had no idea what had happened. I was planning to take Joseph to the fireworks but it wound up too late and I didn't feel like going. The fireworks display is a huge display every year. The whole city is patrolled daily by armed soldiers. How this happened is incredible. It's surreal seeing your building on the news. This was a family event. Sick sick sick."

Breitbart is once again leading the way with great coverage.
At least 80 people have died and dozens injured during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France after a truck ran into a large crowd. Police have announced they are treating the incident as “an attack.”


  1. What a sickening, cowardly bunch of savages. What will it take before Europe deports them ALL back to the rotten hellholes that spawned them?

    1. First of all, it ain't gonna happen. You know, and I know that.

      Secondly, as far as I know, the attackers, or at least one of them, is a French national, either born there or brought up there, of Tunisian extraction. So where can they be deported to, if they are French nationals? The French, along with Britain etc. imported this problem into their own countries. The Germans have followed suit along with much of Scandinavia. The question now is what are they going to do with these millions of people? It's not as easy as saying "deport them", however tempting the thought is. Sadly I don't have any answers and neither do they.

  2. Fox news is reporting that the death toll is up to 84. Including children. Children!

  3. In light of this horrific brutality, perhaps George Soros and his contingent of agitated blacks will postpone their "day of ragey rage" BS scheduled for today.

    Oh wait...that's not gonna happen.

    1. When thinking about Soros and Carter (which I don't, often) I'm reminded of the saying "only the good die young".

      Please, both of you, shuttle off your mortal coil, soonish.

    2. Soros gives me the willies. The dude is downright evil. Carter? He's scared of bunny wabbits. He's just another blubbering idiot.

      Speaking of Jimmah and blubbering idiots, have you all read "The Missionaries" by Owen Stanley? OMG, I nearly choked from laughing so hard. It's 4.99 on kindle. If you don't have a kindle you can download an app for your 'puter for free.

  4. OMG! Poor Alison! I am so glad she's safe!

    This is just so blooming awful! And I feel really bad posting that funny post about the British elections while this was going on. I had no idea about the attack till I woke up this morning.

    The whole attack is horrific. Apparently the truck drove about A MILE! along the boulevard, running people over. Where were the police? Security forces? No trucks should have been allowed anywhere near the sightseers.

    Unfortunately we in Israel are used to car-ramming attacks, but we have never experienced something as massive as this (tfu tfu tfu).

    A French commentator on France 24 TV (or Sky?) said that the French were expecting an attack during the Euro football championships last week. When they went off without a hitch they breathed a sigh of relief, and maybe relaxed when they shouldn't have, on Bastille Day.

    My condolences to those who lost loved ones, and prayers for the injured.

    I still can't quite take in the numbers.

  5. Don't feel bad, Annie. For one thing, you did not know that was going on when you did your post. And being hesitant to live your life because something like this might happen is exactly why they do this sort of thing.

    But don't worry, I am sure Obama will send someone to the driver's funeral.

    1. What Matt said Annie. Please don't feel bad about posting this; I'm glad you did! We all need laughter or we'll finish going around the bend. Bonkers. Over the cliff. Cray-cray.