Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How Did You Vote? said Poo

As seen on FB, by poster Brendan O'Neill:

"Lots of journos and pro-EU people are sharing this smug little lecture, telling off the little people for being dumb and destructive. And they wonder why the public hates them. This is why. This meme might be post-referendum, but it sums up perfectly why you took such a beating in the referendum. The people are sick of this shit."


  1. So it is the LEAVERs that are causing all of the problems? Are they the ones using falsified petitions in an attempt to overturn the vote? Is it the LEAVERs that want to surrender all of their autonomy and freedom to anonymous bureaucrats who do not have to answer to anybody? It couldn't be the the REMAINERs are the ones in control and can orchestrate the economic problems they "predicted" as their way of holding theirs breaths and turning blue, could it?

    I just do not understand people who feel that there is an elite class that knows better how to run everyone's lives.

    This morning I read where a Federal Judge, a Federal Judge said that we should stop treating the Constitution because it is antiquated and obsolete.

    The captains of the ships of state are drunk and are heading us into the icebergs. We need a mutiny, and we need it now.

  2. that's not even funny, these people think they are so clever. but are those "examples" of what's happening to the animals supposed to have counterparts in the real world?? what is "donkey shit in tigger's letterbox" supposed to symbolize? all I hear is stupid children complaining that they have to use a passport now.

  3. Silly liberals. Here's what the dumb Pooh thing reminded me of.

    Concerned progressives are CONCERNED!!!


    1. Concerned progs are fearful. They should be.