Friday, May 6, 2016

Public Service Announcement re: the Recent Comment feed

Vikram here - some of you may be noticing that the "Recent Comments" feed is a little flakey right now.

I'm actually amazed it still works at all - it was over five years ago I wrote that code and it's survived innumerable upgrades to the Blogger platform. Kudos to Google that blogger works as well as it does, to be perfectly honest.

And now Google is rolling out HTTPS for all Blogger sites - not that we keep a lot of secrets here at the Table, but "HTTPS everwhere" is a very good thing for the web generally.

What I've determined is there seems to be some misfiring when the server that connects with HTTPS tries to fetch the comment feed and the server it connects to isn't yet updated to support HTTPS yet.

TMI, I know... OK TL;DR I think it all might just either "fix itself" soon or become "completely broken", in which case I might have a chance of fixing it. ("Sometimes broken", which it is now, is almost impossible to debug.)

You patience is appreciated. That is all. Vikram will now go back to building his rockets.


  1. I know how "sometimes broken" is really hard to fix. It is international law that something that is "sometimes" broken is never broken when you are trying to fix it. It happens with cars all of the time.

    I appreciate the effort. But at least I now know why it seems there is no activity at the Table for a long time, then I see a large discussion that had been going on for a week.

  2. Thank you Vikram. You're appreciated. And cute. Well, I don't know what you look like, but I'm GUESSING very cute. :P

  3. Vikram is veddy swole and shredded yes.


    Lewy however looks typical computer dweeb.

    1. Is that the new Mayor of London???

    2. Ooo-la-la! It's getting mighty steamy in here!

      Is that the new Mayor of London???

      Hahaha!!! Maybe.

  4. Thanks for the PSA Vikram :)