Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Back To Politics

It's been a nice break, but now it's time to jump back in with both feet. There is too much at stake. From The Conservative Treehouse, a rundown of the situation after Wisconsin:
Last night Team Cruz won 36 and Team Trump won 6.  So, after last night:
  • Donald Trump 758 delegates
  • Ted Cruz 505 delegates
  • Trump ahead by 253 delegates
There are 769 Delegates remaining in the upcoming primary states.  In order to get to the magic number of 1237:
  • Donald Trump needs 479 to clinch. (758 current + 479 need = 1237 goal)
  • Ted Cruz needs 732 to clinch.  (505 current + 732 need = 1237 goal).
There are only 769 Delegates remaining.
The Next Contest is New York on Tuesday April 19th with a whopping 95 delegates(winner take all if single candidate 50% +1 vote).
If Donald Trump can win New York (all CD’s) with 50% of the vote, it will mean:
♦ A) Trump will lead with 853 delegates (only needing 384 of the remaining 674)
♦ B) Ted Cruz will be mathematically knocked out of the race to 1,237.  Cruz would still need 732 and there are only 674 remaining after New York. 

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