Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Another One Bites The Dust

Now that we've seen the official evidence, let's look at what happened in real time. The embed code is wacky for this next video, so I'll have to link the Bundy Ranch facebook page where it resides.

Please go here to watch the video taken from inside the vehicle.  


  1. The BLM has never been popular in the west. The forest service, on the other hand, was well-liked by most until they started carrying guns; the locals where I lived began to call them "tree pigs" and they were despised. Now the BLM and USFS are asking to carrying semi-automatic weapons.

    It's crazy enough out there. The BLM and USFS need to stand down, and they need to do it now. They are employees of the citizens of the United States. We are not their enemy, and they certainly do not want to become ours. We have the power to strip their authority, their badges, their guns, and their paychecks.

    At least, I THINK we still do.

    Also, the sheriffs of our country are the protective line between an out-of-control gov't and the people. The sheriff's department in the Oregon fiasco FAILED to do so, and should be thrown out on their asses. Many sheriff's departments across the nation are standing tall and resisting federal overreach. They are heroes.

    RIP LaVoy. You were one crazy-brave hombre.

  2. Even the women people in the video are crazy-brave; I probably would have peed my britches and been bawling my eyes out. They pretty much kept their cool. Stepping out of that truck must have been a puckering experience.

  3. Burning down cities is free speech. Taking over an empty building in the middle of nowhere is terrorism.

    1. Exactly.

      And, they're doubling down. I read today that they arrested another of the protesters for desecrating Native American stuff with "heavy equipment" (a pickup truck, perhaps?). I remember seeing a picture, early on, of the feds using a Native American relic as a door stop at the park.

  4. Not watching yet. Have to get through the week first. Can't afford to get pissed off.

    The FBI is being investigated for lying about shooting first. My best estimate is that Finicum was punked; he probably figured he was done for anyway and so reached for his weapon.