Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Badda Boom!


Republican Presidential Caucuses, February 23, 2016


97.3% Reporting
Delegates Allocated: 22/30

Winner D. Trump45.9%12
M. Rubio23.8%5
T. Cruz21.5%5
B. Carson4.8%
J. Kasich3.6%
R. Paul0.2%


  1. This wasn't a win; it was a good old-fashioned ass kicking. So much for the "25% ceiling" the GOPe pundits have been harping about.

    I find it so strange that a zillionaire is the one giving all of us throw-away people a voice. At the same time, I worry that Trump may be too brash to be prezzy.

    Maybe brash is exactly what we need.

    1. He's a douchebag, but he's our douchebag!

      I guess... but he's still a douchebag... and I'm not at all sure he's ours, either...

      ...but am I glad to see the mainstream punditocracy shit themselves over this?

      Oh hell yes.

    2. I'm not a big Max Boot fan. His histrionics are a bit over the top, IMO.

      Sure, Trump can be a douchebag. However, after 8 years of Obama at the helm, even a loud-mouthed NY douchebag is a ray of sunshine. We'll see where the chips fall next Tuesday, and go from there.

    3. I can't for the life of me figure out why the GOP can't run viable candidates. WTF? Rubio? Bush? They've brought this on themselves by dismissing their base as trashy rabble and utterly destroying the working class.

  2. You know what would be awesome? If Trump chose Mike Lee or Tom Cotton as a running mate.

    Oh my goodness. I just gave myself the *swoons*. :))

  3. And now the Regurgitated Al Sharpton says he will leave the country if Trump is elected.

    I almost makes me wonder if Trump is part of a big plot against us. Is the establishment really so blind a stupid to realize that the more they speak against Trump, the more we support him? If they really wanted to bring him down then they should start speaking in favour of him.

  4. I can't stand Trump, his vulgarisms, his bluster and I have yet to see him explain any position. "Lots of plans, we'll have lots of plans" isn't explaining his immigration plan. He's no conservative either which is so ironic considering his base.

    No thanks.

  5. I'd happily take Rubio, Cruz, Kasich or Carson any day over Trump. Apparently that makes me "establishment". Whatever.

    1. flo, you are at a disadvantage in this cycle in that you expect your candidates to have positions that they can articulate, and that make sense. You expect them to be decent folks.

      Well, I love you florrie, but... good luck with that!

      The candidates from either party with any shot at winning are more or less craven, inchoate shit-pipes. So this who we're stuck with.

      There are those Americans without a high level of education or skills, in middle America, for whom the middle class life is slipping away.

      What does Rubio offer them? More immigrants to compete with? How does this help them?
      Cruz? Better, I'd argue, but his chances are slipping away.
      Hillary? Almost certainly views these Americans with distain and is happy too expand immigration, legal and otherwise. It's what Wall St wants her to do.

      So who are the dispossessed Americans going go vote for?

      And do I want to vote against them? Why would I?

      (Regardless of what I do, I'll be telling everyone I know I'll vote Hillary. Or I'll never work in this town again).

    2. Thanks, lewy, I appreciate your input. I think your points are right on the money and I hear you about what you'll tell your colleagues. Someone I love works in one of the masters/phd fields in uber-liberal Seattle. This person was a life-long republican although I would describe as fiscally conservative and socially moderate. They now self-describe as democrat and although we haven't discussed it, I believe it is due to working (and living) in an overwhelmingly liberal area. We all know how viscious the left are to those that don't follow their ideology. So I don't blame you.

    3. There are those Americans without a high level of education or skills, in middle America, for whom the middle class life is slipping away.

      Not just slipping away...gone. Wages have been stagnant for YEARS and YEARS, prices keep going up, taxes keep going up, all the "free" goodies are for someone else, not a working man. Manufacturing plants are closing one after another. The unions have destroyed many businesses up north with their inflated wage and benefit demands. The union workers with their bundle of dough from building widgets for 30 years retire at 50, abandoned the northern cities they destroyed, and move down south where their money will buy a McMansion and a Vette. The right-to-work folks look at them with total and unabridged hatred.

      I don't think it's too much to ask to HAVE A VOICE, even if that voice is Trump. Rubio doesn't care two figs for working families in Kansas or Oklahoma. We're all "flyover" people, the wagon-pullers, getting up every day to do the same damn job for the same damn wages we were earning ten to fifteen years ago.

      Somebody needs to figure out a way to jump start this economy for the other half of the know, the people who are neither millionaires nor welfare bums. Because we "Americans without a high level of education or skills" are angry. We are very angry.

      I believe Trump will be our next president. I think he'll run the board on Tuesday, except for maybe Texas. If he wins Texas, Cruz will be out sooner rather than later.

      Will he be a good president? Who knows. But at least he won't be more of the same old bullshit, and nobody can buy him.

      I don't make my political views known here either lewy. Nursing is a very lefty (and vindictive) trade. However, I think the tide is beginning to turn.

      It won't be pretty when it does.

      Florrie, if Mike Lee or Tom Cotton were running, I'd back them all the way. Their time is coming. In the meantime, if the R's attempt a brokered convention after Trump wins the primary, it will be the last nail in their rotten coffin.

      Now, let's make some popcorn, open a bottle of wine, and talk about religion. Heh! :) I love that TCKT has room for everyone's opinion, and is not an echo chamber. I've learned so much from all of you! You all always make me think outside the box, and I love it.

    4. lr, thanks - I don't think anyone here doubts that you respect our views, which, like gas mileage, may differ.

      I'm drawing a distinction between Trump the movement (which I certainly can't condemn at all, even if I can't summon your level of enthusiasm) and Trump the man (who is an ass; an opinion I will be disabused of only by weight of overwhelming evidence or overwhelming drugs).

      I don't know who will be the next president but it looks to be narrowing to Clinton or Trump.

      What seems a relatively safe bet to me is that it will be unquestionably the most negative campaign in modern history, and that will be saying something.

      The toxic narrative that each will spin will be about 80% correct. On both sides.

      Whoever takes office will survey a field of ash and carnage.

      The hour of the troll approaches. YAY TROLLS!!!

    5. Lewy, I think you're right. By the end of this election cycle our nation will be more polarized than ever.

  6. The Christie (AKA "RINO" pin-up boy) endorsement was perfect, the tub endorsing the schlub.

  7. I read that Sessions has endorsed The Donald. It's a runaway train, and now lots of people will be jumping on board.

    Even people with Masters degrees. Or PhD's. :))

  8. Even people with Masters degrees. Or PhD's.

    Wow. I'm surprised at that, lady red. I'm sorry I shared that very personal story online.

    I remember the last primary you described Romney as a "creepy flip-flopper". The confusing thing is...Romney is Trump but without the multiple bankruptcies and divorces, without the sophomoric bloviating and name-calling. Romney did flip flop but he was never on tape endorsing partial-birth abortion or using eminent domain for personal gain. Romney didn't call HRC a "great secy of state" and contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Initiative as well as to Harry Reid and Nancy Pilosi.

    Recently he said "Bush lied" and two days later denied it; when pressed he said he'd have to "see the transcripts". Romney didn't deny direct quotes. Trump has "lots of plans" for immigration and has said deport everybody, deport some, we'll figure it out later. Have a fair tax, have a flat tax, leave the system alone. He immediately "disavowed" the Duke endorsement and the next day doesn't seem to know who he is and has to do "research" on all "these" groups.

    No thanks. I'll sit this one out or write in Scott Walker. I too love that TCKT has room for everyone's opinion.

    1. Wow. I'm surprised at that, lady red. I'm sorry I shared that very personal story online.'ve lost me dear florrie. What are you talking about? I was referencing the general liberal meme that only uneducated people are rallying around Trump.

      I would never betray your trust. Ever. Ever. Ever.


    2. Someone I love works in one of the masters/phd fields in uber-liberal Seattle.

      Naturally, I thought you were referencing my comment above regarding their liberal voting preference.

      I'm sorry if I misunderstood, I hope you can see why I thought you were referring to my comment.

    3. Yes, I can see now why you thought that florrie. My apologies for not being clearer. {{{florrie}}} I love you sister!

    4. I was riffing off of my comment (and lewy's before that) of 02.29 at 0138.

    5. No apologies needed, lady red. I'm so relieved it was just a misunderstanding; since I was the only one who had referenced "masters & phds, I was really taken aback.

      Hugs back to you, lady red.

  9. Replies
    1. OT, has anyone ever read his books? Mommy Knows Worst, Gallery of Regrettable Foods, Interior Desecrations, they are HILARIOUS!!! (The last one about interior design from the 50's to 70's actually had some of my parents linoleum and carpeting :-)

  10. This is weird. I went to vote today, and instead of "Independent" the designation is "non-partisan". Okay. So I hand my "non-partisan" ticket to the voting booth guy and asked him what kind of ballot I was getting. (In the past, I have always been asked whether I wanted an R or a D ballot). Well, the guy says that everyone will be on the ballot and just to pick who I want. Okay....sounds strange, but whatever.

    I get to the voting machine, and it starts off with judges. WTF? Okay, I'll play. I vote for the three judge slots, and then it goes to the two bond issues. I look at the bottom, and it says "page 2 of 2". Huh?

    So I stop and wave over the election volunteer. He says that's all I get to vote for since I'm "non-partisan". I said "excuse me? I ASKED you before we cued up this machine!" He's flustered, and I'm shocked. He reaches over and hits the "vote" button. For me.

    I just stared at him and then left the precinct. This is a very small community and I'm not about to unload on a volunteer who's obviously in over his head. But WTF?

    I'll be contacting the election commission or whatever they're called here in Arkansas. Am I seeing this wrong, because it looks to me like a blatant attempt to rig the primary. How can they suddenly keep Indies from casting a primary vote?

    I'm sick to my stomach.

    1. Has it always been this way but in the past they asked me which ballot I wanted instead of giving me a "non-partisan" one? I don't know.

    2. Clearly the volunteer steered you wrong but the way the ballots are set up totally makes sense.

      There's no way a "non-partisan" ballot is going to have both the dem and republican candidates on it. That's just not how it works anywhere.

    3. I know. I should have stopped when it felt wrong, but the people behind me were in a hurry and there is only two booths at my precinct. Damn it. It's my own stupidity. *sigh*

    4. Maybe I need to hang up my political spurs and ride off into the sunset. Sheesh.

    5. Gotta say I like my mail in ballot in Oregon. Damn convenient and I can puzzle over it at my leisure.

      Oregon's so blue and the primary is so late that my presidential vote never counts anyway.

    6. Same here, lewy. Our ballots are all mail in, it's easy, drop boxes are all over the place.

      It's also (pitifully) exactly the same here, I could vote for The Bern and it wouldn't matter as our state is deep blue as well, votes late, mine doesn't count either. So it's really irrelevant who I support.

    7. Maybe I need to hang up my political spurs and ride off into the sunset. Sheesh.

      Don't say that, lady red! No way! They should have had competent volunteers, FFS.

    8. Florrie, like you,I know my prezzy vote doesn't count for squat, but there were three men running for sheriff on the R ticket and my vote DOES count there. Plus, I spent hours doing research on all the people running for all the offices. I feel deflated, like a used up balloon. I think I'm getting old and daffy. Or daffy and old.

      Quick, someone make me an old-fashioned with muddled geritol and a B-12 garnish. And a straw. *slurp* :))

    9. Umm, I hear you, I have some of those "moments" ;-)

      Your votes still counted for the local though, didn't they? Don't fret about it, it wasn't your fault.

      Love ya, sis!

  11. Hi guys! Hope you are are well. Did you see Trump's response to the Univision anchor about the "Dreamers"?

    "I'm concerned about American kids' dreams. Next question."

    I've been waiting for 35 years for someone to talk back to the Mexicans like that. I'm in heaven.

    I'm wondering if Romney now sounding like he writes for Mother Jones is causing any second thoughts here about the man?

    1. Hi Jourdan! It's good to "see" you!

    2. Sorry it's been a while. I've been very busy disavowing David Duke.

    3. See, this is why we miss Jourdan!

    4. Hi Jourdan, glad you're here and still kickin'!

    5. Thank you, Florrie. I just needed a very long break from the Internet. I'm fine now, mostly due to lewy's invaluable help in keeping me sane through losing my marriage.

      I'm at my new post, in Tijuana, Mexico, and my two sons are living with me. I miss my daughter, but given the state of most divorced fathers, I know how lucky I am to have two outta three.

    6. My advice to Jourdan:


  12. Fearless prediction based on no data:

    - Trump will not secure the nomination on delegates
    - Brokered convention
    - Chicago '68: the sequel

    1. I think you may be right, lewy.

    2. So far the most true predictions have been those without data, lol.

    3. I wanted to go on record (for my own boundless vanity and perpetual interwebs braggin' rights) before the primary results were in.

      The trend from tonight is that while Trump is the dominant candidate, he's not going to get a majority of delegates outright.

      The money will keep coming in for Cruz, Rubio and Kasich, to keep them in the game. Even Kasich is key - look at the east coast results - they don't go for Cruz in Massachusetts (but they love Trump).

      This strategy, while expensive, will maximize the chances that the convention will be brokered.

      And then Trump is out on his ass, because the donor class didn't pony up for his opponents just to have the model-banging combover spoil their party.

      And then we can cue the '68 highlight reel. Because the Trump followers will predict this, and they will show up in force, and all hell will break loose.

    4. Heh! So true!

      A brokered convention = disaster for the GOP. Do you think Trump Nation would riot? More likely they'd strategically gather in groups around the convention center, armed to the teeth, quietly chewing on a piece of straw (while the wimmin folk sharpen their curtain rods).

      Much scarier than riots. Much.

    5. Lewy, my comment was meant to follow florrie's, so don't think I've weirded out completely. :)

      Your analysis is usually spot on, and probably is this time too. It's gonna get ugly folks.

    6. Virginia's been called for Trump, with Rubio coming in second. It was fairly close.

    7. That is my ideal outcome. It would both kill the Republican Party and demonstrate to a good number of European-Americans that if they are to secure their future, they need their own voice.....then, their own state.

    8. This probably isn't proper but your predictions sound kind of exciting, lewy! Especially for us here in WA who don't really have a say in things.

  13. Hmm, let me double check that elsewhere. It seems kind of early to be calling it.

  14. Okay, 90% of the precincts are reporting. Trump takes Va., and is leading everywhere else except Texas and Oklahoma.

  15. Looks like Minnesota is going to give Pool Boy a win. Stupid Minnesota, right up there with Massachusetts as "people I really, really like and admire but who vote like Puerto Ricans".

  16. Oh my gosh, I just caught the tail end of Mitt Romney's speech. He gutted Trump. It was spectacular.

    He looked VERY presidential. VERY. Whoever has been working with him on his style and delivery deserves a raise.

    There is now no doubt in my mind that he will be the R candidate. I'm not sure how that's accomplished exactly, but I'm sure the GOPe will find a way.

  17. I have to respectfully disagree, lady red.

    My bet is that there is zero chance of Romney entering the race. ZERO.

    And yes, good speech. I thought he always gave good speeches :-)

    I'm hoping Rubio drops out (Kasich is staying in no matter what until he loses Ohio) and that it can be a real race between Cruz and Trump.

    1. Lou Dobbs was really ticked off at the Romney/Ryan show. He stated that they should (to paraphrase) STFD and STFU, that they're both dullards, that they had their chance, and that if they care one whit about the R party they'll support Trump. What a crazy primary!

      If Rubio drops out, do you think he'll support Cruz?

    2. Good thing I don't put any stock in what Lou Dobbs says :-)
      Romney and Ryan are as entitled to their opinions on the 2016 slate of candidates as is Lou Dobbs. The difference is...they aren't trying to stifle the opinions of Lou Dobbs.

      Sure, I'd think Rubio would support Cruz over Trump but I don't think he will drop out. If he loses Florida, maybe; I believe he's behind around 15 points in the RCP average for FL.

    3. I don't think I've ever seen such a cat fight among pundits/candidates. It seems like every time someone dismisses/bashes Trump, he gains more support. You'd think these guys would figure it out.

      Mitt looked like the grown-up in the room, and he sounded great, but his speech can be condensed to "Trump is a pooty-head". To which, Trump supporters have responded "no, YOU'RE a pooty-head times two!".

      Maybe our country needs a good cat fight.

    4. Well, they got one tonight in the sophomoric, insult-laden debate.

      It was embarrassing.

    5. Thank you for "taking one for the team" and watching it for us. I figured it would be a grade school rock fight.

      It's a good thing the dems are is such disarray as well, or we'd lose this damn election before it ever started. It's no wonder everyone is fed up; conservatives, libertarians, even blue dog dems have had it with the caterwauling. Do they think they're distracting us from the issues? Because they're not.

      I predict STRANGE BEDFELLOWS in the days and years to come, until we right this ship,

    6. Much of it was a grade school rock fight, lady red. But there were good bits and pieces.

      This is just my opinion but the last few months I've enjoyed all the candidates so much more in the town-hall format than any of the debates. I wish the RNC would consider that instead, the public would learn much more about each one's positions on the issues instead of the silly tactic of pitting them against each other.

      Yes, thank goodness the dems have such a horrible person as HRC for their candidate. Whoever ends up as our nominee must be able to unite everyone behind them. That's what I pray for, the SCOTUS nominations are so important.

    7. grade school rock fight... sounds kinda rough for grade school... where'd you go to grade school, flo - Palestine?

  18. lol!

    Er, I think you'll have to ask lady red about that, lewy ;-)

  19. Looking at the primary results this morning, it would appear that Fox News jumped the shark when they so blatantly championed Marco.