Wednesday, November 18, 2015

War Is Not The Answer

Here is an interesting piece by Maurice Montaigne:

“War is not the answer!” the bumper sticker proudly proclaims. It’s a ridiculous assertion. Sometimes war is the answer. It depends on the question.
If the question is “do you need to impose your will on an enemy who will otherwise not stop hurting you?” then war is the only answer.
Don’t let the limited wars that America has fought in recent memory fool you.
War, real war, total war, the sort of war that the West created and mastered, is decisive. It shatters nations. It destroys cultures. It obliterates the will to fight and leaves a civilization reduced to pacifism…or rubble.
You can read the whole thing at Every Joe.


  1. Impose our will on an enemy?

    Will? What will?

    I don't see any will.

  2. I know that Andrew Klaven is not popular around here, but this is a good video:

    1. Good video! We don't care who's popular. I post unpopular stuff regularly, lol.

  3. He's not? I never heard of him. I agree, good video.

  4. Montaigne is correct. Islam is engaged in a war against the west, seeking to impose their religion on everyone.

    Lewy is also correct, in that our leaders seem to have no will to defend our culture, or for that matter our lives.

    I like Andrew Klavan, and often watch his "Klavan On Culture" videos on PJTV. I've also read a number of his novels.

    1. I haven't read any of his books. I'll check them out!