Friday, November 13, 2015

Oh, Snap!

Discussing the debate:
"People always go on about how they want specifics - a little bit of wonkery, with decimal points in the numbers, references to arcane bills and obscure acronyms. But after four debates I'd like a little more generality - a bit of big-picture stuff. The safe-space shock-troops of the American university, for example, say nothing good about where this country's headed. Nor does the deteriorating mortality rate of middle-aged high-school educated white Americans - whose lives are not only shorter than their compatriots, shorter than socioeconomically similar Canadians, but shorter than pretty much anyone in the developed world other than Russian men face down in the vodka. That seems not unconnected to the dissolution of the border, and the ceaseless supply of cheap foreign labor, and the stagnation in wages, and the shriveling of the employment market to crappy low-paid service jobs about to be rendered obsolete by technology."
Have you guessed the author yet? The zinger:
"It is striking that, even in a conservative debate, mass, remorseless, illegal immigration is discussed almost entirely from the illegals' point of view: as Kasich advises, think of the families, think of the children. Their families, their children. The families of those they've supplanted are of less consequence. The argument made by Bush and Kasich against enforcing the immigration laws is an appeal to moral preening: this is "not who we are". But using mass immigration to destroy the lives of your own citizens? That's exactly who we are."
Emphasis mine. You can read the whole piece here. 

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  1. Well you KNOW I'm not going to disagree with my boyfriend!

    When Jeb and/or Kasich said "that's not who we are" I thought to myself "yes, it is". I thought of the
    Arizona rancher
    who often helped illegals that was killed by one of them - they killed his dog too. I think of the 9th circus court upholding the verdict to award almost $100,000 to the illegals that sued him. I think of the Americans who own land miles in from the border who live in fear, whose property is continually trespassed upon, damaged and abused. You know I am no fan of Trump, I wouldn't vote for him if - gawd forbid - he is our nominee. But his rhetoric is exactly why he is so popular. I noticed his new spokesperson is a twofer for large segments of the population he has offended - it's a woman and definitely appears to be Latino. He is smart in that regard. On the other hand, he equates Dr. Carson's "pathology" of violence to child molesters. Just when I start to agree with something he says he continues on with the most outrageous, horrible blatherings. I pray he is never anywhere near the White House.