Friday, April 10, 2015

Lady Red nailed it...great music..Friday Night


Jimmy Hughes, Steal Away

Stones...Wild Horses...


  1. Muscle shoals music. Ain't getting no better than that.

  2. Great selections, Fay. I think that's my favorite Aretha song. I added Muscle Shoals to my Amazon wish list, lady red, it's under $10. Tom loved the trailer as well.

    Here's something for Fay - Keef in his glory days...


  3. Aretha is awesome. Of course.

    Jimmy Hughes is awesome too - I don't think I've heard him before - thanks Fay! A new fav in my list...

    Mick... ahhgh. The truth is I like just about any cover of this song better than the original. The Sundays, Susan Boyle, many others. Mick just sounds so fake trying to sound southern... just my 2¢

  4. I love the Susan Boyle version too, lewy. I bought her CD on the strength of that song.

  5. I love the Stones, but I haven't heard the Susan Boyle version. Great music Fay!

  6. I have some music videos to post this Friday and I needed one more selection. I'll add Susan Boyle's version, lady red, good idea!