Saturday, January 31, 2015

Otis Baby!


  1. Baby here I am
    I'm the man on the scene
    I can give you what you want
    But you gotta' come home with me

    You know that line never worked for me when I tried it... must be something about the delivery...

  2. lewy, tee hee.

    OK, here's my review ;-)

    Cigarettes & Coffee - don't know it so really enjoyed hearing a "new" Otis Redding song.

    Hard to Handle - Makes me think of The Commitments, a great movie with a fabulous soundtrack.

    Been Lovin' You Too Long - What can I say, I love, love, LOVE it! One of my favorites by Otis Redding, honestly - it gave me goosebumps from my toes to the top of my head.

    Thanks, Fay, for some more great tunes for a sleepless Saturday night (in anticipation of the big game)...

    1. Matt and I watched a three (or four) part British drama called Southcliffe on Netflix last year. They used a few Otis (and other soul artists) tracks that I had never heard before. We both loved what we heard and I said to Matt I must get an Otis CD. So for Christmas he downloaded two CDs worth of Otis tracks for me. Wow, I never realised Otis had such a vast repertoire.

      I too loved that movie The Commitments, brilliant soundtrack.