Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Images from the past

An amazing project of which I did not know of before.

Having had my own darkroom, I am amazed at the idea of developing old film. My experience with Kodak products is that if the expiry date was January 31, then the product was useless on February 1.

The Rescued Film Project works with film from any source. Many of the photos are not of great historical significance, but fascinating nonetheless.



  1. I didn't know you had your own darkroom, Matt. You're definitely a man of many talents.

    What a fantastic find! The project this man has taken on is selfless and amazing. It was moving when he talked about being the first person to ever see these images and that they needed to be restored so that people can view this history, fulfilling the intent of the photographer. One of the images I was most taken by was the second shot of many sailors on a ship, looking out at the horizon which was just vast landmarks or other ships. I don't know how those men felt but I got the sense of dreadful anticipation of the unknown. It made me wonder what that was like for the millions of young American men who headed off to war to face an enemy, not knowing how long they would be gone or what they would have to endure. That took such courage.

    Anyway, thank you for posting this, both Tom and I are interested in older film.

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