Monday, November 10, 2014

Res Ipsa Loquitur


  1. I saw this tape a little earlier in the day. Gosh, could there be a slimier bunch of creeps than the "true believers" who are either part of or contribute to this administration?

    No accountablility from the press, whistle blowers are turned on like traitors (look what's happening with S. Atkinson), the end justifies any means, ANY.

  2. I read this transcript yesterday. These people are cockroaches, and I despise them with all my being. Like cockroaches, they have infested every nook and cranny of America. I'm not sure we can ever eradicate them; there will always be small, inconsequential pustules-with-legs skittering about in the darkness. BUT we can certainly stomp on a bunch of them. Splat!

    1. Splat! Yes! I love what you said, lady red.

  3. Background on the guy who's uncovering the Gruber videos.

    I haven't read this yet; I'm basically using the blog to bookmark this so I can get some work done... ;)

  4. Very interesting article, thank you, lewy. I didn't know who had uncovered the original video of Gruber's remarks. It's crystal clear that the man who found it is NOT a conservative operative or ideologue. He's just someone that has been misled by this administration on his health care plan, lost it and is now paying more.

    I share his shock that the media has not picked up on this except for FNC. Yes, CNN did have Mia Farrow's son do an apology softball interview with Gruber but other than that - nothing. Nothing on the big 3 or other cable news. There *was* another short interview with Gruber yestereday on PBS (probably watched by a dozen people) where he is asked by the interviewer if he has "learned that there is video everywhere". In other words, never mind that they lied and obfuscated to get this abortion of a bill passed in - literally - the middle of the night with not a single republican vote, never mind that the president repeated these lies over and over again, never mind that this elitist scum is on at least 3 tapes talking about the idiot American voters; just don't speak the truth on tape. Of course, Gruber puts the blame for this on the republicans and once again talks about the idiot voters (watch his bit about the Kimmel show with the smarmy host snickering along with him).

    I've said from the start - all this shit lies squarely on the shoulders of our absent press. They have abandoned the principles of journalism in exchange for progressive ideology and the average American is paying the price. They are so convinced that they know best for us all. God help us.

  5. Here is a link from Brietbart of the creepy PBS interview with Gruber from yesterday.

    Here is a link to Ronan Farrow's interview with him on CNN.

    That's it for coverage other than FNC. Period. End of story (as Obama is so fond of saying).

  6. Fox is still reporting on this. It could get big. Big enough to burn down ObamaCare and a few progressive pols as well (the slimy little millipedes). Pelosi has gathered in enough rope to hang herself ten times over...she and Dingy Harry can't remember what they said ten minutes ago, let alone a year or two in the past. I think the dems will throw those two drooling fools to the lions over this Gruber thing.