Thursday, October 23, 2014

Standing O for Kevin Vickers

Well, I still can't watch the American fans singing the Canadian national anthem but I did see this video today and it brought tears to my eyes. Here's a link to the Daily Mail article.


  1. Yes, I saw this in the National Post this morning. Thanks for posting it. What an outstanding, heartfelt ovation from ALL political parties in the House. Many of them could have been killed or injured if it wasn't for him.

    Brought tears to my eyes also. Bravo Kevin Vickers, bravo.

  2. Those pictures of the dogs are heart breaking florrie. OMG what a waste of a beautiful young life. And his young son is now an orphan...too sad.

    1. Nathan Cirillo will be missed by his son and those puppies. It's so incredibly sad.

  3. He looks like someone who wishes he could have his anonymity back. I am glad we still have people who are willing to do what needs be done.

  4. Well done, sergeant-at-arms. Well done.

    Men like Kevin Vickers are standing between us and the savages. Thank God.