Monday, September 15, 2014

The Wreck Of The Obstreperous*

A perfect read of where we are today, in a column from Michael Goodwin of the New York Post.
He has described the present so well that it chills me to think he could be equally correct about the next two years.

Obamas Ship Is Sinking

* I've always wanted to use that word in a Threadline, even if it is a slight misuse, as above.


  1. "That was a necessary tactical retreat, but it doesn’t change the ­basic calculation. The president’s problem is that he has been wrong about virtually every major issue."

    Say it ain't so, Dances! Personally, I though the writing was on the wall on January 20, 2009. How anyone actually believed that he was competent to hold the office is beyond me. The Nobel Peace Prize was icing on the cake. What did he do to serve that? What did he do to deserve that? Not a thing -- he was just the candidate of those who believe that there is some benevolent controlling power that allowed us to elect any incompetent fuckwad who came along and still have things work out well.

    I would like to say that I was surprised, but I am not. I would have much preferred to have been surprised and find that Obama was a good President. Instead, he turned out to be the disaster I figured he would be.

    Oh, obstreperous works for me!

  2. What Matt said.

    Except I will add that the Nobel Prize (and the media not vetting him AT ALL) was because he was the first black candidate. In other words, untouchable.


  3. And I want to mention that this is a very good article, Dances, thank you for posting it. Sadly, I think his analysis is right on the money.

  4. If I ever get a boat, now I'm going to name it the Obstreperous.

    1. My thoughts exactly! It sounds like a good name for a ship.

    2. I'm seeing it as HMS Obstreperous, the setting for a madcap British comedy about the Royal Navy in the time of Lord Nelson.

    3. Sort of Sharpe meets HMS Pinafore meets Benny Hill...

      ...anyone know how to compile a story pitch for the BBC?

    4. Unfortunately, all the people I'd cast in it are gone.

      Definitely Terry Thomas and Margaret Rutherford :-)

  5. I vote for this as the coveted "Thread Title of the Year". :) We can have the award ceremony on lewy's boat.

    The article spot on, and describes the reality that I see. Thanks for posting it Dances.

  6. Hmm, the HMS Obstreperous sounds like one heck of a fighting ship.