Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Roger Simon's ISIS Strategy

I noticed with dismay — though almost no surprise — that Barack Obama does not yet have a “strategy” of how to deal with the notorious terror organization ISIS, alternatively known as ISIL or IS. He is, no doubt, studying the matter, and receiving the best of advice from the likes of Valerie Jarrett and John Brennan, but, since folks are being beheaded and raped and so forth, and IS is well on its way to establishing a caliphate, converting young Americans and Europeans and preparing global jihad while cooking up weapons of mass destruction and infiltrating our Southern border, etc., in the interest of speeding things along, I would like to offer my help with an ISIS strategy.
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  1. Yeah, well, it's a great idea, but it'll never happen. Noah would like to turn them into glass. I'd like to bomb and strafe and starve them into oblivion. ISIS and their ilk are flat-out evil, and they are (still!) the greatest threat to civilized society, even after all these centuries. The liberal "suits and sandals" crowd is signing our death warrant in the name of social justice and "tolerance". They too must be reined in...somehow...perhaps parachute them, en masse, into Boko Haram areas and let 'em try their spiel on the savages.

  2. Just for kicks... and not that I really believe what I'm going to argue for, but I've gotten in the habit lately to argue both sides of whatever issue I'm dealing with (it's good practice in business)...

    Forget about ISIL. They'll burn themselves out on their own.

    ISIL are barely coherent in their own exegesis of Islamic canon. They pretty much make things up as they go - hey give OBL credit, he knew what he was talking about. Baghdadi, not so much. They have no cred within the existing hardcore jihadi brain trust.

    And Islamist movements are long lived when they are credible on the Islamic scholarship, and, critically, when they don't have to govern. ISIL fails both counts.

    Iran, Syria, and the rump Iraqi state will eventually wipe them out, at great cost of blood and treasure. Let it be theirs, not ours. It's like the Iran Iraq war 2.0. May they both lose.

    Sure, give some weapons to the Kurds, and zoom in to save the Yazidis etc when it makes a good photo op, but otherwise, hands off. If the Saudis want to launch an expeditionary force, well, good luck with that. If ISIL convoys need bombing, likewise, the Saudis and the Egyptians have plenty of planes.

    But if Obama does bomb Syria, sure hope he's got a UN Security Council resolution. Wouldn't want to engage in an illegal war of choice, right? A "Grand Coalition" does not give you the right to break international law. After all, Barack Obama said so himself, once upon a time...

    ...and good luck getting that UNSC resolution.

  3. Another September 11 with bright sun and clear, crisp air. Uncanny.